And so, it was decided that a lot of my typical posts are waaaaaaaaaaay too bloggy for Facebook, so I have set up this blog to accommodate my larger and rantier (apparently rantier isn’t a word… I am making it a word) thoughts.

And so here it is, the first blog for me, Christopher Dean, relating to my up and coming roleplaying game, I Love the Corps!

As I am on the cusp of finally having my own I Love the Corps website (yaaaaaaay!) I am getting started on a bunch of things to expand my circle of friends and fans to help me LIVE THE DREAM and be able to bring the I Love the Corps role playing game to the wider world, and even more importantly, into hands other than my own. Twitter and Reddit accounts are also to come (will be setting these up today as well.) Getting more and more to feel like actually having a business here, when I realise that a lot of work time this week has NOT been writing….

  1. I spent all Monday morning excitedly booking travel and hostel stay for the first two weekends of April as I am going to the National Student Roleplaying and Wargaming Nationals ( to run an ILTC game for the third time in yet a different category, and the second weekend, EVEN MORE EXCITINGLY, I am going to ConPulsion (, an Edinburgh convention where I shall be running my FIRST OFFICIAL GAME DEMONSTRATION SLOTS. Oh my yes.
  2. A lot of the work has been extensive conversation as I continue to try and find some more art and artists to commit to commissioned work and hopefully be able to give me some more promotional art before the Kickstarter can get under way in a few months time. This then led to a BIIIIIIIG discussion about the many Kickstarter particulars, such as how best to handle printing and what not. I have then spent today’s work just READING vast swathes of Kickstarter advice (via a link sent to me my by friend Andy). I was going to set up other social media accounts anyway, but this had spurred me to start setting up this stuff now.
  3. The writing I HAVE done has generally also been largely in a promotional sense as this includes stat tweaks for my next playtest of my Nationals game which I am running this weekend, and finally doing two things I admit playtesters have been asking me for for months… being updating my Threshold cards (breaking down the results of being COMPROMISED and so on) and cards for explaining usages of Glory Points, for easy player reference. These shall all be used at the weekend in order to fully simulate the experience the Nationals players should get. I am also reminded how I need a laminator and laminating pockets… FUTURE INVESTMENT!

And that’s it for now… watch this space for tales of Chris and his FIGHT TO LIVE THE DREAM AND PUBLISH HIS OWN ROLE PLAYIIIIIIIIIIIIING GAAAAAMEEE…. (is carried off into the distance by some kind of winged monstrosity.)


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