A GLORIOUS end to a GLORIOUS month

This weekend was BRUTALITY GAMING weekend.
*On Saturday was probably the most brutal I Love the Corps game probably in the last two years since I started hard testing it. 
Please bear in mind that this scenario has been ran three times before: the first, one character died, the second, no-one died and the third, one Friendly died… so not particularly deadly, it focusses on sending the marines nuts… which in the case of game four, got a LOT of characters killed.
One character accidentally killed another with a grenade, then the Sarge suicided himself to save the rest of the squad with a load of grenades and his Suicide Device, then another character died when running off ahead of the squad (to say how would be a spoiler… but it was gruesome), then a character with a permanent trauma ran across a weakened roof, feel through it, and landed in a server room that exploded… blasted out of it, then died. Lastly, another character died from his weapon exploding in his face… seven entered, 2 left… to find themselves stranded.
Twas the most like a film of the genre I have probably ever seen. (A one-off, so campaign sessions are not that insane. But this one-off has never been that insane… but was still the best run of it. Shows very much how a group of players makes an RPG unique, and that is what I love about running the same games with so many different people, besides the testing purposes.)
*A Zombicide game followed ILTC  (with the five of us that remained), where we were all killed AT ONCE by opening a door, after about four hours of pretty damn impressive play. That’s Zombicide. 
*Today, two friends and I played the longest game of Frag ever (3 hours, usually is 1 at most) which took about 2 hours before anyone took a wound, despite us CONSTANTLY SHOOTING at each other… ridiculous amounts of armour and med-packs ahoy… and just I am one Frag off victory… Chris killed both Lawrence and I with a total of 80 D6s… and then shortly killed me again and won.
This weekend has truly been a memorable end to a really freakin’ ace start to the year (Friday night involved a bit of drink, ace food… POUTINNNNNNNNNE and giant barjis, as well as general hilarity with some of my very closest friends).
A month that has involved getting verrrrrrrry close to finished website, a total of three utterly fantastic gaming weekends, rules implementations I am HAPPY WITH that are now STAYING, getting a polished Training Manual edit sent off and getting over half way through Classified Materials. Efficiency and vast productivity.
The madness of the weekend was very much by design, as now I need to spend as little money as possible till I get to the Nationals and the Conpulsion convention in April (costing me 140 quid for travel to both and 2 nights of stay both ends, so now I need to save to compensate, and will be able to spending money in April). So two quieter months ahead, and then an April of awesome INSANITY we thinks, and getting to spread ILTC to more new people, along with OFFICIAL game demos. 
Life is good… despite the zero earnings. I feel confident in the way I have never really been (whilst earning nothing, and taking a very great risk whilst doing so… yeah sounds nuts to me too)… which means I must finally be doing the right thing, at least it feels that way. Shows that life is about the money. If ILTC works, then awesome… it is about brining my dearest creation beyond just my friends, as well as letting my friends have the game for themselves, not about the money. Of course, I need enough to continue on as I am, but as always, the minimum to do that will do.
I can do this thing… I have never felt more like that.
2016, I am coming to KICK YOUR ****ING ASS!

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