ILTC Cold Frontier Episode 10


Played characters- Sergeant Greyjoy, Deputy Hayes, Snow Plough, McClusky, Fa Tzu

Featured Friendlies- Dr Stapes, Gottleib Auttenberg, Yeti, George O’Hanlan, Dr Mya Ross, Amelia and Abigail Munroe, Anatoli Demidov, Mayor Ted Winkleman, Nick Ryan.

The episode begins showing a green countryside, and a barn. The camera cuts inside, showing two pairs of boots. In front of them, there is another pair of boots on a chair.

“Please Johnny, don’t do this.”

“You know I have to. You’re a traitor.”

“But Johnny… I can help you! I can get you -in-. Nobody will know a thing…”

“Then I’d have to continue associating with a traitor.”

“Please Johnny! You’re not listening…”

“I’ve listened enough…”

The chair is kicked out from the boots. The boots dangle, as the other voice does nothing gurgle and sputter, as he fights strangulation. The other pair of boots remain where they are.

The camera cuts to a hayloft. From the hay, emerges the face of a ten year old with a spotty face, a mess of black hair, and some resemblance to Sergeant Greyjoy. The young face looks out, and downward, as the strangled noises continue. Slowly, his face disappears back into the hay.

The camera focusses on the hay stack for another ten seconds of strangled noises before the noise finally stops.

There is the sound of large wooden doors creaking. “Somebody help! He’s hanged himself! There’s been a suicide! Help me please!” The voice is that of ‘Johnny.’ “Anybody!”

Roll opening credits.

It is pitch black outside the settlement of Frost. A blizzard howls between the buildings. Visibility is virtually non-existent. The camera jumps inside to the Foragers HQ. The place is a mess after the party. In the far right corner, right by the toilet, Greyjoy sits against a wall, heavy bags under his eyes, surveying the rest of his room from his vantage point. (He has acquired an extra machine pistol, presumably from the armoury). Snow Plough is by him, eyes close, pretending to snore, though clearly awake. On the edge of one of the lab desks near them, Jeeves rests, deactivated. Crusher drifts back and forth, still active. Yeti is asleep against the wall by the airlock out, with Abigail curled up against him.

Where there was once a lounge area (before being moved to barricade the door to the compromised hangar), the food warehouse survivors lie on the floor, huddled together. Ryan is near them, leant against a wall, armour and helmet still on and gun across his lap, though he seems to be asleep, near the barricaded door.

The remaining survivors of the Foragers (Doctors Stapes and Ross, Darla, Gerda and Fenris and Anyu) have pushed the wrecks of their bunk frames to one corner and are asleep on floor mattresses in their bunk room. Thanks to Fa, there is a hole melted into the Ice Miner’s HQ, into their equipment cupboard, where Hayes is fast asleep on the floor in one corner. A discarded whisky bottle lies nearby, and not far from him lies a small pool of sick.

Carl Bull lies asleep across a sofa in the lounge area, and a chair is turned towards the Ice Miner’s airlock, as his father Connor sits, quite awake, rifle across his lap, watching. The miners remain in their undamaged quarters, along with Mei Tzu and the Winkleman family, all asleep in bunks.

Events go back to Greyjoy and Snow Plough. Greyjoy notices Snow Plough is awake, and speaks with him. Plough opens his eyes. The roaring wind outside can be easily heard inside.

Greyjoy voices his worries about continued survival, which sets Plough off with one of his nervous episodes.

“12 more days, Sarge. How are we going to survive 12 more days! I don’t want to stay here any more!”

“We’ll get off-planet.”

“How? How are we going to survive that long!”

“We just need the food and power to stay alive. Without power, we’ll all freeze to death. We might have to go out there, though.”

“Why don’t you go out there and do some carving, Sarge?”

The Sarge raises an eyebrow.

“It was a skiing joke. Sorry. It was poor.”

Abigail, woken by the conversation, she wanders over and sarcastically mocks them for waking her with their noise.

“You can’t say anything about noise!” as Snow Plough. “What about you and Yeti?”

“If you’re jealous, I can always suck you off. There’s a toilet behind you.”

Plough reddens and looks away. “No thank you.” She wanders off back to Yeti. “I don’t like it here Sarge, there’s too many people around. We need to get out of here. We should just leave these people behind.”

The storage cupboard then swings open, as Amelia stomps out, not looking too pleased with the two marines. “You know you’re supposed to be taking us with you?”

“And we will” assures the Sergeant. She doesn’t seem convinced, then glares at Snow Plough. “You know we are just inside a bloody cupboard and can here everything you say, right?”

The Sergeant gets up. “Need to find out who I can talk to about the power. I’ll go and talk with Stapes.”

As the Sergeant makes his way to where the Foragers are, he is approached by Geoffrey O’Hanlan. Briefly featured at the beginning of the season, O’Hanlan is the manager of the food warehouse. He is seems a little nervous as he approaches the Sergeant. He is relatively tall, with a receding hairline.

He introduces himself as Geoffrey, and is rather surprised when the Sergeant smiles, shakes his hand and says “Devon.” O’Hanlan asks the Sergeant about how he plans to keep them all safe, but the Sergeant is not greatly forthcoming outside of explaining the general intention of keeping everyone with enough power, warmth and food. O’Hanlan explains that there should be enough food, and if not, then there are plants to eat, though he doesn’t seem too happy about that notion.

Greyjoy gets to business and asks how the power works, though O’Hanlan isn’t terribly helpful on the matter. The Sarge moves on, and when Geoffrey says “Bye Devon” the Sarge responds with “That’s Sergeant.” O’Hanlan looks a little perturbed, unable to think about what he said wrong.

The Sergeant then goes to the door of the Forager’s bunks and rudely swings the door open. Dr Ross is awake, lying on her mattress, reading a book. The others are asleep.

“What are you reading, Doctor?”

She responds, though, almost through gritted teeth. “A book about plant genetics. Something I am sure you’d hardly find fascinating.”

“Fair enough” he says, being surprisingly civil, despite the fact that Ross had a gun pointed at his face the previous day. Stapes (wearing a night cap) opens his eyes and comments that he assumes Greyjoy didn’t come to wake people up by talking about books. Greyjoy explains he came to talk to Stapes, and offers him some tea whilst they talk.

Snow Plough is already preparing tea as Greyjoy and Stapes come over to the kitchen area. Greyjoy says quietly to Stapes. “What I told you the other day… can we just forget about it? I perhaps was under some stress and was not entirely truthful, to motivate you.”

“We are all suffering from great stress, but you saved a great deal of people yesterday, so I feel I can forgive you a little lie, Sergeant. Though it seems some people will take a lot longer to forget some of the things you have done.”

The Sergeant then asks for Stapes for more information about the settlement. Stapes explains that Gottlieb Auttenberg lives in the adjacent building, and is head of maintenance. There is a hydro-electric plant to the North where two of the four workers operate to work in shifts, so if the truck that came crashed, they are dead, meaning the plant will be without power, and without maintenance, will likely stop feeding power after a day or so. The back-up generator (between the two buildings that make up Frost, outside) will have enough power for about another day or so, giving four days of power at most if somebody isn’t sent to man the plant. Greyjoy thanks Stapes, pointing out that he is his closest ally in the settlement, though Stapes seem to think he is given too much credit, well as relied upon for information that isn’t really his area. Greyjoy resolves to go and speak to Mayor Winkleman about the power situation. Stapes make it clear that they will have to risk going outside to get next door to speak to Auttenberg, as they have are separated by walls and have their own airlock for entry. Greyjoy decides that if they need to get workers to the power plant, it will have to be under guard, and thinks he will also need volunteers. He suggests taking ‘Fushu’, as he seems useful… when Stapes and Plough looked baffled, Stapes eventually works out that he means Fa Tsu. Greyjoy leaves Stapes and Snow Plough to their tea.

He annoys some more Foragers by going back into their bunk room to get through the wall-hole into the mining equipment cupboard. He encounters Hayes, who awakens. Greyjoy asks Hayes if he would accompany his squad to go and help ensure the power stays on, and Hayes surprisingly and quickly agrees without complaint, and immediately begins arming himself.

Greyjoy then moves past another larger storage cupboard (where there is the sound of welding) and continues on to the miner’s head quarters. He knocks this time before entering. The baby starts crying, rudely awakening McClusky, who is sleeping by the door.

The Mayor is awake and comes to the door to speak to Greyjoy, who approves of the general plan. The Mayor assures him to be careful though, as Auttenberg is a little prickly, and though Greyjoy may have redeemed himself with the rescue of the Mayor and others the previous day, Auttenberg won’t be so easy to sway. He also reveals about the near-riot he caused before the rescue, and how feelings against him are not just going to magically change. He reminds Greyjoy that he is not the one charge of the settlement, Winkleman is. Greyjoy asks where he can find Fa Tsu (though he gets the name wrong again) and Winkleman says he has no idea, but there can’t be many options. Greyjoy walks back the way came, and focusses on the welding sounds, and opens the door. Fa is say atop the shoulders of his Explorer Suit Mech, having just finished welding a mining laser to the shoulder of it. Fa Tsu is almost naked, as usual, except with a metal crotch-guard. The laser rotates towards the Sarge and says ‘target acquired’ before Fa Tsu turns it off and climbs off the Mech.

Sarge compliments his engineering skills, and yet gets “what the fuck do you want?” in response, taking the Sergeant a back a little.”You got my brother killed” he continues.

“Chang was your brother.”

“How did you work that out? Cos was one of the four Chinese guys here?”

The loud shouting and swearing draws attention. Hayes is still getting equipped whilst watching, and Snow Plough decides to remain a little out of sight. McClusky, half-awake and half-dressed, wanders over to watch the fun, slightly amused by it all.

“Looks like he’s gonna kill him”, McClusky remarks to Hayes, about Fa’s attitude to the Sarge.

Hayes grins in a dark manner. “Think he’s gonna have to join the queue.”

Greyjoy maintains calm, though as usual, his words get the better of him; “Your brother had a good death.”

“A good death? A GOOD DEATH? He got the back of his head blown off! And you just stood there! He screamed for you to help. But you fucking did nothing! Nothing!”

Greyjoy tries to apologise, but is continually shouted and sworn at.

Demidov comes striding out of the bunk room, pushing his way past McClusky. He grabs Fa Tsu and very aggressively demands that he stops swearing and shouting, as his daughter can hear every word.

“And put some clothes on, before I rip your balls off!”

“Hey, its not my fault. You’re the one who won’t pay for a proper suit that fits around my nodes. I -have- to be naked.”

“But your not -in- the suit now, are you? And if even if you are, you can put some damn pants on!”

Fa Tsu continues to argue, until Demidov shuts him up, showing a picture his daughter has drawn, where Fa Tsu appears to have a snake drawn from his crotch. “Have you -seen- what she is drawing?” Fa Tsu’s face whitens. “You are around my -daughter-. You will do what I say. I was not joking about the balls thing.” And then he strides off.

Fa Tsu now looks more than a little embarrassed, which at least means it has lessened the tension a little bit towards the Sarge, who explains his intended mission to Fa Tsu and asks for his help. Fa Tsu agrees, but still isn’t exactly warm to the Sarge. He then turns and sees McClusky standing there, and asks if McClusky wants to help; McClusky agrees.

The team need to get out through the airlock but have the slight problem that the metal of the outer door was buckled and warped by the shrieks of multiple screamers (when Fa Tsu tried to go outside through it) and the internal electrics to operate it have been fried. McClusky at least manages to use his considerable brute strength to get the inner door open.

Fa knows a lot about electronics, so with aid from Snow Plough, who understands plenty from his knowledge in robotics, but takes a little guidance from Fa Tsu, they end up completely removing the internal wiring from the airlock and replacing it. Meanwhile, McClusky ends up trying to fix the outer door, but only ends up seeming the make the situation worse. Snow Plough then tries to address the problem. Greyjoy comes over, lays his hands on their shoulders and says “You’re on a mission from God”, to try and encourage them.

After some time, the three agree that the only way to open the airlock door will result in being unable to close it. They decide to take another way out. McClusky and Fa Tsu lead them through the door that leads into the vehicle exit. There is a code-locked shutter door at the top of a ramp which leads into the underground storage bay, the only problem being that McClusky smelt smoke coming from there only a day ago. They reason that if there was still a fire, they’d have noticed by now, and so McClusky opens the shutter. They are hit with a blast of chill, as the vehicle bay is covered in frozen fire retardant foam, across the vehicles and floor, and air is rushing down from another, where there is a hole in the ceiling at the eastern end of the bay. The first Cartel dropship is flipped upside down, and it is clear where one of the external engines has been melted. The strut that would have lifted up the ship and locked with the ceiling was blasted through by railgun shell, and cuts off most of that end of the bay. There is a hole in the wall where a shell punched through the concrete into the earth, though the hole itself is mostly filled with earth that collapsed inward. Despite the fact that all the vehicles are covered with a frozen layer of foam, Hayes assures them that Maisy (his jeep) will run, and scrapes as much of the ice of as he can. Unfortunately, try as he might, the engine will not start. Meanwhile, Fa Tsu finds the floor heating controls and manages to get them activated. This warms Maisy enough that her engine starts up. McClusky, Hayes and Greyjoy get in the jeep, as Fa Tsu climbs on the back (Yeti has remained inside to keep an eye on everything for Greyjoy). McClusky tries to convince Hayes to let him sit at the railgun turret, but Hayes not surprisingly, assuring him that he can control the railgun remotely.

The jeep goes out through the vehicle exit (which doesn’t use an airlock system, hence, in a separate part of the Ice Miners HQ) and out into the blinding blizzard. It then drives for a seconds before stopping, since they only need to get into a separate part of the same larger building.

Fa Tsu looks at his motion tracker. At the periphery of his scanner range, he sees a few red blips. These expand in number every few seconds. The blips are heading towards the hangar wall. He suddenly leaps off the jeep and says “Lets go in!”, without further explanation, and activates the airlock.

They go into the maintenance and plant workers HQ. They are met by Gottleib Auttenberg, head of maintenance, who has slicked back blonde hair and a broad moustache and a general perturbed expression, with a mood to match.

Greyjoy introduces himself. “Ah, the infamous Greyjoy. We had heard you were dead.”

“We were! But we came back, nonetheless.”

Greyjoy then explains to Gottlieb that his remaining two plant workers need to go to the plant, as the other two are dead. Gottlieb points out that if that were to happen, they would have to remain there, and if there giant insects out there, they’ll kill his remaining workers. Greyjoy points out that if nobody goes to the plant, it will be out of power in four days, and then they’ll freeze to death and they will all be dead, to which Gottlieb responds that if his people go out there, they’ll be dead anyway, and the situation won’t have changed.

Greyjoy says that his squad and volunteers will transport them to the plant themselves, before returning to protect the settlement, and the two workers sent will have to stay at the plant until the UCMC cruiser arrives in 12 days. Gottlieb makes it clear about the danger to his worker and how he can’t possibly leave them out there for that long by themselves; now they know the bugs aren’t just staying in the mountains, there is nowhere to be safe.

The plant will sleep two, and they could survive with enough food and water, but he won’t leave them out there if it is so dangerous; Gottlieb insists he have some marines with him, but Greyjoy insists he can’t spare more than one. Gottlieb argues and then Greyjoy says ‘how about one and a half’ and offers to leave Yeti with them. Gottlieb is hardly satisfied, even with the giant, since he doesn’t even have a gun (so they have heard… Yeti is the most obvious of the marines, so everyone knows about him). He demands another marine and one with a gun, but Greyjoy will not shift position, and eventually Gottlieb gives in. Greyjoy then radios Dr Ross, who is not too thrilled to be contacted by the Sergeant. Greyjoy asks for a favour, bringing a derisive snort. Greyjoy asks if she can pass her info-link to Yeti, and she sarcastically says “I suppose I can just about manage that for you.”

Greyjoy tells Yeti he is going to be sent with two workers to guard the hydro-electric plant for the rest of their stint on the planet.

“Will I get to kill anything?”


“Fine. I’ll do it.”

“Oh… and bring Ryan for back-up.”

“Do I have to? He’s not really great with the… y’know, talking.”

“That’s an order, marine. Oh, and you’ll need food and water for the next 12 days.”

“Can I bring my lady with me?”

“You can, but only if you are willing to share your food and water.”

“Hey, I ain’t yer lady” says Abigail. “It was fun, but I ain’t going out there with yer. Safer in here, and plenty of other people to fuck, besides.”

Yeti sighs. “Just me and Ryan then” he says to the Sarge.

With Gottlieb and another worker in tow, Greyjoy’s team get into the jeep, and drive into the blizzard. Hayes aims to drive around the south of the building. Fa watches in terror as the blips on the motion tracker swarm exactly where they are travelling, all along the southern wall. Yet he doesn’t tell anyone he is with. Fa Tsu instead contacts Ryan, telling him what is coming, just as he and Yeti exit the airlock and head outside.

Ryan says to Yeti “We need to get back inside. They’re coming.”

“But we need to wait here for the Sarge. Those’re my orders!”

“Not my orders. Have fun.” Ryan closes the airlock door behind Yeti.

“Hey! You can’t leave me alone! HEY!” Yeti bangs a fist on the door.

He then hears a familiar screech from above, but hears nothing as he looks up. “Damn.” He draws his machete.

The others unknowingly drive towards the horde of red blips, as Fa Tsu looks very, very nervous indeed…

Emd of part one.

Roll end credits.


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