ILTC Cold Frontier Episode 11


Played characters- Sergeant Greyjoy, Deputy Hayes, Snow Plough, McClusky, Fa Tzu, Seb (new character/player)

Featured Friendlies- Pretty much everyone…

The pre-credits scene follows on from last episode, in the barn where a man seems to have been hung by another man called ‘Johnny.’ This scene is almost entirely described showing the floor, feet and shadows cast across the floor.

A detective inspector and a heavily armoured police officer enter the barn, cutting down the hanging body, questioning why the man would kill himself. The officer notices movement above and climbs up into the hayloft, finding the ten year old Devon Greyjoy, who is carefully led down the ladder, as the inspector rather bluntly makes sure the body is removed from sight. It is pointed out that Devon has probably seen the whole thing. The camera cuts to Devon, whose expression seems completely distant. They resolve that now is not the time for questioning and lead him out of the barn…

Roll opening credits…

The episode opens with the Icebreakers (Sergeant Greyjoy and Snow Plough) and their volunteers (McClusky, Deputy Hayes, Gottlieb and the plant worker he brought with him, Seb) inside Haye’s jeep, with Fa Tsu clinging on the back, as they slowly push through the blizzard. Unseen by the rest of the squad, Fa Tsu trembles. The camera cuts to show the view from his Mech helmet’s HUD, as he helplessly watches as the jeep unknowingly rides straight at the mass of blips congregating at and breaking through the southern wall of the western building, right into the hangar.

“Uh guys… I think we need to turn back!” he finally blurts to the others he is with over the radio.

“Why?” Hayes asks, at the wheel, unable to see more than a few feet in front of him, and driving slowly.

“Uhhhhhh…. cos we’re riding right into a horde of Razor Ants!”

“What? I can’t see anything!”

“Iiii can see them on my motion tracker…”

“Why didn’t you tell me before!” Hayes turns the jeep sharply to the right… and then the jeep stops, as it turns into and gets stuck in a particularly large mound of snow. “Wellll that’s just great.” He turns to the Sarge. “What we do now? Ah can’t rev the engine since we know they react to sound, and they’re right in front of us.”

With his usual confidence says “Two of us will have to go out there and see if we can free the jeep manually.”

Fa Tsu radios everyone again. “We got another problem. They’re getting inside the hangar.”

“Then we need to get this jeep moving and get back inside quickly.” The Sergeant flips open his wrist communicator.

The camera cuts to Yeti, outside the Foragers, alone, as he slams on the airlock. “RYAN!” The controls suddenly go red and say LOCKED. “RYANNN!” Yeti bellows, as he then hears high pitched screeches that cut through the blizzard, coming from above him.

The camera cuts inside, as Ryan steps away from the airlock panel, having locked it. He looks across the room; Geoffrey O’Hanlan and stands with his warehouse workers and Darla, in a defensive huddle, all dressed and ready to go, near Darla’s office. Dr Ross is also with them; she has a bonesaw out and ready. Gerda, Anyu and Fenris are in the vehicle airlock, but have the inner door open, as Gerda has her rifle out and ready, as everyone keeps an eye on the southern wall. Stapes has clambered up onto one of the lab desks, staring around warily. Dodd is in the bunk room by herself, cleaning her rifle.

In the Ice Miner’s HQ, Mei Tsu stands behind Dean, Cara and Antoli, who all have mining lasers ready, with chainsaws at their feet. They stand in front of an office, where the Winklemans and the children are hiding, with the door shut. Sheriff Connor Bull strides back and forth in front of the miners. “Okay, so if they break in, keep them at a distance, use your lasers. I’ll be providing fire from behind you. We need to take them before they get to us. When one of them gets close, one of you drops your laser, and goes for your chainsaw. We’ll cover you. Then one by one, go for melee weapons, and take them down… hopefully it won’t come to that.”

“But we’re safe aren’t we?” says Demidov.

“The Sergeant told us to get to ready to move, which means they could be near. Hopefully we won’t have to, but we need to be ready to fight.”

His hand then goes for his helmet. The Sergeant’s voice says “Sheriff. I need to speak to the Mayor… now.”

Connor’s face blanches. He opens the office door and whispers in the Mayor’s ear. His face whitens.

He looks to his wife. “Uh… I just need to sort something” and hastily leaves the office.

“What are we gonna do!” he says to the Sheriff.

“All right, they’ve been warned. We need to get out of here. McClusky, you’re with me” says the Sarge, as the two step out into the blizzard. Greyjoy looks for the biggest build-up of snow around the wheels and starts shovelling the snow by hand, but the progress is slow. McClusky gets his large lead pipe ready and shoves it under the chassis, above the wheel and lifts with all of his great might, lifting the wheel out of the snow. This works, but gives out an almighty metallic shriek.

Perspective cuts to Hayes. He looks at the two outside, just about visible, as McClusky grins and gives him a thumbs up. Hayes’s expression confuses McClusky, as his face is not one of a pleased man. He looks panicked. He gestures at McClusky. McClusky has no idea what Hayes is trying to say. Greyjoy looks behind him, and sees five Razor Ants slowly coming at them through the snow. Their pace is far slower than normal, having to tear each long thin leg out of the snow. McClusky has no comm facility whatsoever, so the Sergeant’s shouts mean nothing through the noise of the blizzard. The wind blasts right at them from the east. The Sergeant climbs up above the massive wheel, turns his head and throws a stun grenade at them… the wind blasts it right over his head. He turns fully to the Razor Ants and draws both of his combat knives. “Come on you fuckers!”

Fa Tsu blinks in disbelief as he sees a blip rapidly flying towards him, reactively flinging himself off the back of the jeep, partially sinking into the thick snow. “What the fuck!” He watches the bright flash detonate only a few feet behind and above him. Hayes gets control of the railgun, and fires a slug, emitting a blue streak from the barrel. Snow Plough is sat as far back of the jeep as he can be, with his drones, and sat right under the railgun. He screams in panic as he suddenly goes deaf, and starts yelling down the comms to know what is going on, but he can’t hear anything and all he can see outside is snow cascading down.

Fa Tsu gets to his feet. “Hilt… or… blade?” he says, as he considers running back inside by himself, or going into the fight… he chooses the fight. And unlike the others, slowly struggling through the snow, the mining Explorer Suit pounds through the snow at great speed.

McClusky’s expression gets gradually more confused as he sees Fa Tsu run at him, firing his arm-mounted cutting laser, whilst the shoulder-mounted, AI operated mining laser on his shoulder fires again. And then the confusion increases as a Razor ant leaps from behind McClusky, onto the Mech. It wraps its legs tightly around the torso of the suit, its mandibles snapping near the face-plate. McClusky tears his pipe out from the vehicle, and swings it like a baseball bat, knocking the ant into the snow. It is on its underside, legs kicking wildly in the air. McClusky takes the opportunity to beat it. Repeatedly. He cracks open the underside, as blue organs and fluid spray across his environment suit, as he horribly kills it. He delivers another grin and thumbs up, this time to Fa Tsu, who looks on in horror, as three Razor Ants ram their mandibles into McClusky’s back, tearing through the environment suiting, and puncturing his armour underneath.

Snow Plough climbs across the seat, sending his drones ahead of him. Gottlieb is cowering in a foetal position on the floor, hands braced over his head. Snow Plough can’t see anything still, but Jeeves can, and he sees through Jeeves camera what Hayes can see, as the deputy sees a line of Razor Ants stalking right at the front of the jeep, whilst three latch onto McClusky, and another crawls up to the front of the left-hand tyre after the Sarge. Snow Plough swings open the nearest door. “Crusher! Attack Hostiles in front!”

“Command acknowledged!” The drone flies out of the jeep… and is buffeted by heavy winds. Plough shuts the door in time as the spinning drones, its bullets wildly raking down the left side of the jeep. And then it disappears into the blizzard. “CRUSSSSSHER!”

He then looks down at Gottlieb and slaps him around the back of the head. “What are you doing?”He slaps him again. “WHY AREN’T YOU HELPING?”

The Sergeant watches as the creature crawls up onto the wheel, moving back a little. He throws one of his knives… which flies backwards, spinning into the blizzard.

Hayes loads and fires another railgun shell, killing at least one more.

Two more Razor Ants come at Fa Tsu. He burns one alive with his cutting laser. The mining laser fire, burning a hole into the shell of another.

Inside the jeep, Seb, the young, spotty plant worker brought with Gottlieb raises his head up and around, trying to see what is going on, greeted only by snow. However, from the continued firing of the railgun, he knows there is some kind of fight going on. He takes out a mono-filament tripwire and starts attaching it to the door.

McClusky reaches around behind him to try and attack the Razor Ants embedded in his back, but cannot do so. He tries to use brute force to push free. He fails. So he does he does back-flip, tearing himself free, landing behind the Ants that had him in their grip… with yet more behind him.

Snow Plough grabs onto Gottlieb and pulls him up from the floor. “YOU’RE NOT STAYING HERE! STOP BEING USELESS YOU’RE GOING TO HELP ME GET THIS THING MOVING!”

“Let go! Vat are you doing!”Seb is forced back into his seat, as Plough clambers over, dragging Gottlieb with him, out into the blizzard. With frightening determination, Snow Plough storms through the blizzard, not slowed at all, even dragging Gottlieb along with him, as they reach the back of the jeep.

“Vat the hell are you doing?”


“Vat! You’ll kill everyone! ARE YOU MAD?”


Gottlieb backs off. “Screw you! You’re insane! I’m not dying here with you!” And he starts to stride off into the blizzard.

“FINE! I’LL DO IT MYSELF!” And Snow Plough crawls under the jeep.

Seb stops trying to place his trap and decides to follow after them… he slips and falls into the snow, almost entirely disappearing under it.

Ross looks to the other civilians. “All right, I’ve just got word from the Mayor we need to be ready to move. The bugs could break through any moment-”

The south walls shakes, where the door into the hangar is still barricaded. The office shakes to the left of the barricade shakes… as a Worker bursts through it, right in front of Geoffrey O’Halan.

“OH SWEET JAES-” It snaps its mandibles, as his head flies right off. His workers scream all suddenly moving back, as the wall to the left of the office gives away, as another Workers comes through the wall. The barricaded door remains untouched.

“Everybody back!” yells Ross, stepping forward, hacksaw ready.

Dodd, right by the bunk door, sees the thing come through the wall and moves back into cover.

Ryan looks ahead, and then to the airlock. Outside, three Screamers descend, shrieking at Yeti.

“Damn. No way out” Ryan says. He unlocks the airlock door. Yeti swings his machete at the screamers, as the machete bounces off their carapaces. He looks back at the airlock, seeing the lights are green. He opens the door and dives inside, shutting it behind. “Ryan! I am going to fucking kill you!”

The Razor Ants in front of the jeep crawl onto the front, chipping at the reinforced glass, as in united force, they break through it. The Sergeant grabs one of his machine pistols in his right hand after moving the remaining blade into his left hand. He comes at it with the blade aiming low and swinging upwards. Its mouth opens wide and he shoves his machine pistol into its mouth. “Eat this you-ARRRRGH!” It snaps the mandibles shut before he can fire. As the Sarge tries to pull his arm free, the arm is completely torn off at the elbow. The Sarge falls back, grabbing onto a door handle.

Hayes see the Ants about to get in, panics, and revs the engines. The wheels spin, and the Ant that just took the Sarge’s arm is sucked under the wheel and then spat away into the blizzard. The Ants are flung off the front of the jeep, as Hayes barrels through the rest. Fa Tsu reaches over and grabs onto the jeep as it rides off, as he flung through the air sending Ants flying, as McClusky grabs onto one of his Mech’s legs and is dragged along. Plough grabs onto the underside.

Hayes hastily drives back into the building, with everyone else quite literally hanging on…

Except for Seb, who briefly looks out of the snow, and then covers himself up again, and Gottlieb, wherever he is.

The lights in the airlock shatter as the screamers scream. Yeti tears the inner door open manually. “I should kill you for that, Ryan!” he bellows.

“Still alive aren’t you?”

Sheriff Bull orders the ice miners to hold their area, and runs through the hole in the wall from the equipment cupboard in the Forager’s bunk room, pushing past Dodd. He comes face to face with a worker, dropping to his knees, as he shoots it in the underside, and knocks it to the floor. It is still alive, but writhing about.

“Hit them in the underside!” he calls out.

Ross thinks back to when Ramirez killed two of the screamers by punching through the helicopter windscreen into their undersides… “Of course!” she calls out. The second worker has moved around to get at the warehouse workers, who flee back towards the lab area, so it turns towards Ross. She ducks underneath it, swinging, the hacksaw, but her swing is inaccurate and bounces off the carapace as it lunges at her. It bites again, and she jams the hacksaw into its mandibles, as they close around it. With incredible strength, especially for a slight scientist, she digs her heels into the floor and holds it back. But, as the second worker moves to attack her, it leaves the hole free, and hunters (the standard and most common Razor Ant) start to stream it.

Gerda fires at them, but the darts pin harmlessly off them, and Fenris stays by her, barking at them, further drawing their attention.

Ryan and Yeti look back at the airlock, which shakes and rattles. “There’s no way out this way” he radios to Bull.

Sheriff Bull kicks the fallen worker over and shoots it in the other underside, blasting its organs everywhere, as its writing ceases. “We can kill these things. Concentrate attacks this way, we can get out if take out the things in the way!”

Hayes gets the jeep into the building, and then sits back in something of a state of shock. The last of his strength gone, Greyjoy lets go off the jeep and shuffles over to the nearest wall. He reaches for his tags with his one remaining hand, and just stares at the tags. The group are mostly in stunned silence… except for Snow Plough. He runs over to Greyjoy. “Don’t worry Sarge, I’m gonna find Ross, and you’ll be okay! I’ve got this Sarge!” He hears the sound of the Razor Ants scuttling along the other side of the wall, in the hangar, and then hears Bull shouting and shooting and runs through the Ice Miners HQ, through the Foragers bunk room and right behind Ross.

“Ross! The Sarge needs you!” He grabs Ross, and throws her into the bunk room behind him. He then looks up at the bug before him. “Uh-oh” he readies his assault rifle.

Ross picks herself up and goes to find the Sergeant. She stands over him.

“Well, I can’t say I’m surprised this happened to you” she says, injecting the Sergeant pull of painkillers, whilst Jeeves cauterises the wound.

He looks at her, somewhat delirious. “Does that mean… you still won’t go out with me?”

“Little tip Sergeant… if someone puts a gun against your face, that means they’re probably not that into you.”

She walks over to McClusky and Fa Tsu, whilst Hayes climbs out of the jeep.

“How is he?” Hayes asks.

“Just a matter of time. No way he is surviving that kind of shock.”

“Isn’t there anything you could do.”

“Not me. I’m a biologist, not a surgeon… maybe Stapes can help. But the bugs are coming… good luck getting to him… and getting the others out.”

McClusky and Fa Tsu look at each other. Both go charging off towards the fight.

Fa Tsu comes crashing through the hole he made the other day… and makes a new one directly opposite as he goes through the other bunk room wall.

Outside, Seb pushes his way of the snow, making his way in the direction of the jeep tracks. A light shones at him out of the blizzard.

“Attention: non-combatant located.” Crusher hovers before the technician. “Where are the Hostiles located?”

“I think they’re that way.” Seb gestures over to where he guesses the bugs came from, in the direction where the jeep had been driving. “Pretty sure.”

“Acknowledged. Opening fire.” Seb continues on his way, whilst Crusher slowly fights his way against the wind, cutting loose on full-auto with the minigun. His lights illuminate some of them, swarming by the wall, as he cuts them down in large numbers whilst they are trying to enter the building.

McClusky makes his way through the bunk room (as Fa Tsu blocks the hole), but Snow Plough is in between him and the nearest bug.

One bug gets near to Gerda as she fires too wide as it plunges at her. Fenris bites at it to protect her, only to get the ant’s mandibles biting into his stomach. “Fenris!” Gerda calls.

The Worker in front of Snow Plough snaps right at his neck. McClusky pulls Snow Plough out of the way and throws him back. He swings his pipe at the insect, but is bitten through the arm, as it slices easily through his undercover armour, as it wasn’t even there. Snow Plough looks ahead of McClusky, where more bugs are starting to pour through the hole. Yeti and Ryan tuns as the inner door of the airlock flies off its hinges; Snow Plough sees the three screamers come into the room. He grabs an incendiary grenade he acquired from the armoury, aiming for the hole. He sets the bug that bit McClusky aflame, along with every bug coming through the hole… except for the one before Gerda. The bugs caught in the fire instantly die. The other bugs immediately back away from the fire and disappear into the cold… into Crusher’s swathe of fire. The fire’s radius is small, but starting to spread.

But the fight is not finished. The remaining Hunter lifts Fenris from the floor, tearing into his stomach, as the dog drops dead on the floor.

“My dog! YOU BASTARD!” Gerda drops her rifle to the floor, showing her claws and fangs. She jumps on top of the Razor Ant, using her weight to knock it to the floor. She then proceeds to tear apart with its underbelly with claws and fangs, as she goes completely wild.

And then the screamers make their way into the room. Yeti stands before them with his machete.

Connor ways the civilians over. “Everyone this way, now, before the entire place burns down.”

They do as told without any need for further encouragement.

Ryan shoots at the screamers, slowing them down as he shoots around them, making their legs jerk back with every shot. “Go. I’ll keep them back”, Ryan says, as he climbs onto a lab desk.

Yeti looks over, some of his rage towards the man gone. He retreats… and Fa Tsu takes his place, storming over in rage. Whilst Ryan holds them back, Fa Tsu punches his fists through the ceiling and drops a section of it on the bugs. The two then make their way after the others.

Dr Stapes is no more confident that he can help Sergeant Greyjoy, than Ross was. He tells Yeti and Snow Plough that he doesn’t think he has much longer. The two marines approach their Sergeant.

“Snow Plough. You… need to take over. You’re Sergeant now.”

“No Sarge! You can do this.”

“I can’t… the squad… needs a leader.”

“What squad!?” says Snow Plough. “There’s just us.”

“Looks like we need to go on a recruitment drive” says Yeti. “Some here have already shown they have what it takes.”

Snow Plough nods sadly.

Yeti holds out his fist. All three marines connect fists. “Ice Breakers!”

Roll end credits.


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