ILTC Cold Frontier Episode 7

Okay, so this game was technically an Action Scene for the entire two and a half hours of game time, but this is not the same as a constant combat.. due to a constant state of ‘someone might get shot’, I kept it an Action Scene… so no three beat scene resolution rules, and passives abilities are not as useful without high scores. However, it wasn’t a case of taking loads of time to cover a minute, like in most games, it was still a whole episode of events… not even much fighting, just a lot of potential for fighting, as a Hostage situation.

First time I think I ever ran such a thing in any game, let alone ILTC.

This game was also notable for some other reasons which can be found by reading on…


Played characters- Sergeant Greyjoy, Private Ramirez, Deputy Hayes, Leon Dodd, Snow Plough (FULL HOUSE!)

Guest Player Characters- Gerda Rundstrom (played by a DIFFERENT guest player this time)

Prominent squad Friendlies- Yeti, Fenris the Dog, Dr Mya Ross, Sheriff Bull, Nick Ryan

Also- Chang, Connor and Carl Bull, Dr Stapes

Pre-credits scene

There is darkness. The cracks of gunshots can be heard. Yeti’s voice calling out, roaring in combat. The controlled bursts of a minigun.

Sergeant Ramirez opens his eyes. He sees Carlos Ramirez running from him, pushing his way through the civilian, masked workers running everywhere in the chaos, as he pushes one of them down to get through. Then Carlos gets clear of them, heading for a corridor opposite, where gas canisters stands. Ramirez grabs his pistol, stands and aims at Carlos, and then towards a canister.

There are men nearby who point rifles at Ramirez. There is a whir of a minigun. They die. Ramirez glances up. Crusher flies above him.

The camera cuts to Crusher’s cam as it spins, firing controlled bursts at various groups of men. The camera cuts to Drones (Snow Plough), perfectly calm as he taps his controls, killing men by the dozen.

We cut to Ramirez as he aims his shot. Drones does the same, also aiming Crusher at the canisters. From the drone’s high vantage, Drones can see what Ramirez cannot see through the mass of people… a running child.

Ramirez fires. Drones fires.

People scatter left and right. Carlos is seemingly engulfed by the blast.

As the people scatter, Ramirez’s eyes widens just as he sees the girl… before the fire engulfs her. And spreads towards him. He shields his face. Everything goes black.

“Sarge, SARGE!” Vision returns. Yeti is in front of Ramirez. He looks at the burned stumps of his arms and legs. There is no sign of Carlos’s body. But there is a small, charred corpse.

He blacks out. “Don’t worry Sarge… I’ll get you through this”, Yeti’s voice says, faintly.

Roll opening credits!

Ramirez’s face is that of contorted rage. He locks eyes with Carlos Mendoza, very much alive, with not a burn on him. Carlos has one arm wrapped around Chang, the other holding the pistol pressed against the side of the chinese man’s head. Chang has gone white with terror; the cool and collected businessman now a shaking wreck.

Ramirez is also aware of a presence behind him, who has shut the door.

They are in a small store room area behind the customer service desk; there are lot of long, empty shelves to the right of Ramirez.

There is a timer at the bottom of the screen as it ticks to midnight as the title “Episode 7- Day 7 scrolls across.”

“Hello Ramirez. Why don’t you start by removing that helmet so you don’t go calling your friends.”

“**** you Mendoza!”

“If you don’t do what I say, I am going to blow this little ****er’s head off!”

“You won’t, you need the leverage. You’re a monster, but you need him.”

“I’m no worse than you. You killed a lot of ****ing people. Women and children, too. You’re no better than me. But we are blood, after all.” He stares ahead, but not at Ramirez, he stares behind. “Remove the helmet.”

The big thug behind him (Arturo Mendoza) reaches down with his massive hands, but Ramirez ducks under them, as the giant’s hands swipe at him, but miss. Ramirez reaches behind him, aiming for the big man’s fruits, but misjudges, due to the size difference, and grabs onto the legs, as he triggers the shock pulsers built into the palms of his cybernetic arms. Arturo screams as the electricity travels through his body. He starts smoking, as his body convulses, flinging the open the door behind him and shaking the walls of the small room. Ramirez’s hands retract into the arms as the blades pop out, just as the giant slams his hands down and spins Ramirez around.

“I can do better” Arturo says, as the perfectly human looking right arm separates outward, as a shotgun rises out of it and locks around his hand, as he smashes the gun barrel into Ramirez’s face, cracking him with a swing from the left, hurting him off to the right. The shelves collapse like dominoes as the marines strikes them, landing on top of the wreckage.

Carlos flings the cringing Chang into the corner. “No shooting. We don’t want to call his friends”, he says to Arturo, as an assault rifle folds out of the giant’s remaining arm, and he points both at Ramirez. “I got this.” Carlos grins at his foe as he strides over to his fallen foe, bloody face visible behind the cracked visor, as Carlos brings a boot down. And Ramirez slashes a blade across the ankle, and cuts across the Achilles tendon as blood sprays.

“ARRGH *** IT! I changed my mind” he staggers back “Kill this ****er!” Arturo discharges both weapons at Ramirez, who is very much a sitting duck, as he blasts open a massive hole in his chest plating, which takes the blunt of the harm from Ramirez, but things are not looking good.

“I ain’t dead yet” says Deputy Hayes to Sheriff Bull. And then the two guns sound, very close by.

“What the hell, that was from Chang’s… what the hell is going on?”

“Ah don’t know… Ramirez said something about seeing the Alkarbi…”

“****. Head next door and deal with it now… we’ll be with you soon as we can.” The Sheriff and her husband hastily tug clothes on as Deputy Hayes runs for the airlock.

The Sergeant is with Stapes, tending to Yeti. The Sergeant looks up as he hears the shots, trying to make out where they are coming from.

His hand goes to his wrist-pad. “This is the Sergeant. Anybody know where those shots are coming from?” He gets no response. The camera cuts to Gerda and Dodd who have stripped off their armour and our getting into their bed clothes, sat on their bunks upstairs. Dodd’s helmet sits on a chair, as the Sarge’s voice can be faintly heard from it, but Dodd doesn’t seem to notice.

“Damn” says the Sarge.

With a fluid movement, Carlos draws the second pistol “YOU’RE GONNA ****ING DIE RAMIREZ!” He fires repeatedly as Ramirez leaps from his prone position, as the shots bounce ricochet around the inhumanly fast cyborg. He barrels into Carlos, knocking him onto his back. The marine roars defiance as he gets both blades and pushes them into Carlos’s chest… and feels the pressure of armour plating under Mendoza’s vest. Carlos snarls in pain, and blood seeps from the wounds, but it is not enough.

Carlos’s eyes are maddened as he looks up at Ramirez. He presses both pistols onto the hole in Ramirez’s armour, where clothing can be seen underneath. “You’re ****ing DEAD!”

We cut to Ramirez’s view as he looks down at Carlos. The triggers are pulled. Everything… distorts.

As the Sergeant says “Ramirez.” He runs for the airlock.

“Where are you going?” Stapes calls out. But the Sergeant runs into the airlock, ignoring him.

Greyjoy steps out into the pitch black, the only light, his head torch. The snow sprinkles down lightly, and is thick on the ground. He runs across the ground between the one line of concrete buildings that make up Frost, to the one opposite. And then he looks between the two warehouses, panting frantically. He doesn’t know which one to go.

And then the twin gun-shots sound, and his face drops. “Ramirez.”

He looks at Chang’s warehouse… at least he knows where the shots came from…

Dodd and Gerda look at each other, as the shots sound.

“Ah, hell” says Dodd, and starts magging on the chest pieces of her armour (not worrying about clothing too heavily, as an Iceworlder), grabs her sniper rifle, and runs for the airlock.

Gerda, not a marine or a warrior, decides to remain, attempting to comfort Fenris as the dog starts barking and howling madly.

The Sergeant heads north of Chang’s warehouse, slowed by his trudge through the snow after a burst of speed. He sees a light ahead of him.

“Halt! Who goes there?” He gets onto one knee and points his pistol.

“Its me, yer dang idiot!” says the Deputy.

“Oh thank god. I heard shots in there. They may have taken hostages?”

“What should we do?”

“They could be coming out of here any moment.” He looks around him, seeing a complete lack of cover, just flat snowy land and a back-up generator to the North-west of his position. He racks his brains for a strategic solution. “You have explosives in the armoury right?”


“Head back that way. Get to the armoury. You need to find a way through to them. Go through the wall, you can take ’em from behind. I’ll try and hold them here… distract them.”

“Aw, all right”, the Deputy runs back through the snow as Greyjoy trudges just ahead of the airlock. He spins, pistol level once again, as the airlock opens.

Carlos steps out, Chang being man-handled with a gun at his head once again. He is followed by three of his mooks, two of them with a hostage, with their own guns to their heads. To south of the group is Arturo, guns still formed out of his arms, wearing no protective gear at all, slightly twitching, much of his body scorched.

“Okay, here’s the deal, I’ve got hostages. Make any attempt to stop us, and I start shooting them”, Carlos says.

“I’m Sergeant Greyjoy, put your weapons down!”

“Are you joking? I said I would shoot them.”

“You won’t shoot them, you need them.”

“I shoot one, I’ve got three more. Don’t test me!”

Greyjoy radios Hayes as he is cycling through the airlock. “Where will there be going? They seem to be heading south.”

“Ah think they’re heading to the hangar, to their ship.”

“All right. I’ll keep them here as long as I can. Stick with the plan.” Greyjoy then holds up his hands. “Okay, we can talk!”

Events cut to the remaining marine, Snow Plough, with Doctor Ross.

They are still in the helicopter, on the mountain. The cold air and snow is blasting in through the hole bitten into the side of the helicopter. The mountain is currently silent, but still, Doctor Ross looks very afraid. “Snow Plough, we need to get out of here.”

Snow Plough paces back and forth. “Okay… but we can’t leave without Crusher.” He goes to his wrist-pad and types “Crusher, are you there?”

“Acknowledged. Stealth mode adopted.” The camera cuts to on top of the helicopter… where Crusher sits, motionless, hidden in the dark. Lights activate and his rotors start as he flies down to the window of the helicopter. “Crusher!” The drone flies in.

“All right, I think I have a plan.”

Dodd runs into the airlock out of Foragers HQ. She sees that Gerda and Fenris are heading after her, so she waits.

“What the hell is going on, the Sergeant just pissed off leaving me with this man…” Dr Stapes gestures down at Yeti, lying on the plastic sheeting. His wounds are still covered in flesh sealing foam, but an area of it has been punctured where Greyjoy was suturing and now blood is dripping out of the wound, though Yeti is now conscious. “I hardly have the expertise to deal this… I don’t have nearly enough cybernetics!”

Dodd not much for words, just says “I have no idea.”

“Well, who could be shooting at who! This is madness!”

Gerda heads into the airlock. The door starts to close. A massive hand stops it, one missing several fingers. The door is pulled open. It is Yeti. With no weapons whatsoever.

“Need any help?”

The two women look to each other. “Yes”, they say in unison.

“You can’t go outside!” yells Stapes. “You’re in no condition to…” The door shuts.

“Nothing to talk about man… you try anything, one of these ****ers lose their heads. Pretty simple. If you don’t learn, then I shoot another. I got enough to go around.” Carlos and his group are waiting in the snow, not currently making a move. One of his men has a rifle on the Sergeant.

“You don’t want to do that. Just leave the hostages, and you can go.”

“I ain’t stupid man, you ain’t gonna let me go anywhere, unless I bring these hostages anywhere.”

“And you’re not going to shoot anyone.”

BAM! Chang’s head explodes. “One down” says Carlos, as the barrel of the pistol that was against Chang’s head smokes, as the headless body collapses into the snow… and then everything distorts…

and the Sergeant still has his gun pointed at Carlos, and Chang is still alive.

“****!” says the Sarge as he attempts to open fire. Carlos sees the reaction, moving Chang so he is front of him. Chang screams… as the pistol fires. The bullet punches through the back of his head and out of his screaming mouth in slow motion as the head flies apart in chunks.

The bullet hits the Sarge’s shoulder. “Damn!” He then heads off through the snow away from Carlos.

“Still think I’m not gonna shoot anyone?” Carlos calls mockingly after the Sergeant. He looks behind as the airlock opens, as the two women, old man and another mook still in Alkarbi guise, exit with another hostage. “Got three more left; don’t test me!”

Deputy Hayes cycles back through the airlock and heads into the Sheriff’s. Carl, the Sheriff’s son is stood in the doorway of the armoury; Carl has the blond hair of his mother, but otherwise appears entirely different, being a short and scrawny teenager.

“Oh look who’s running away from the fight!”

“Aw, shuddup kid, people are getting shot out there, we need bigger guns.”

“What the hell is going on, who is firing?” says the Sherrif. She and Connor are both getting into their old marine gear. Across the front of her old battle armour, in red paint is “BULLDOZER.”

“Its the Alkarbi… no idea why. Need to see what else we got to deal with ’em.”

The Sergeant heads back to the western buildings, whilst still trying to distract Carlos.

“Where are you going?”

“To **** your mamma, of course!” The mooks with him laugh.

“You won’t be flying anywhere; you won’t get that far.”

“Well, you doin’ a real good of stopping me so far!” His men laugh again. “Cause, don’t stop me, no-one dies… course, the hostages might have a 20ft drop when I give ’em back… but don’t worry, snow is nice and soft.”

“Any way we can stop them flying?” Greyjoy radios Hayes. “Any explosive fuel down there?”

“You wanna blow up the hangar?”

“He wants to WHAT?” yells the Sheriff. “Then we won’t have any way off this planet… and that building connects, to others, we can’t blow it!”

“Nah, we can’t do that” Hayes radios Greyjoy.

“Any other way we can stop their ship?”

“Uh…” Hayes checks his cam-feed, and looks through the feed for Jeeves. The drone is looking over Maisy, the jeep. “Jeeves, you there?”

“Yes sir. I have checked Maisy as you asked. She is functioning. Would you like anything else, milord? Cup of tea?”

“Uh, actually yeah Jeeves… is there a ship in the bay with you?”

The drone cap rotates. It is looking right at the shuttle. The engines are fired and there is a pilot inside frantically toggling switches. The jeep and ship are in an underground vehicle bay. Part of the ceiling is opening above the dropship.


“Jeeves, ah want you to man the rail-gun on Maisy, and shoot that ship. It ain’t allowed to go nowhere.”

“Jeeves is not programmed to fight but… “ the drones shows its many arms to the camera. “Jeeves has… fingers… Jeeves will try.” The drone turns the railgun on the dropship.

The pilot sees and mouths something obscene. The shell fires… not hard to hit a stationary target. The shell punches through one side of the ship and out of the other. Though it does deliver crippling structural damage, it will certainly not be wise to fly it out in the cold… and space would certainly be a no.

“Good work, Jeeves.” Hayes then runs into the armoury and swipes a plasma charge, whilst the Sheriff shouts at her pithy son and insists he go back to bed in the background.

Snow Plough has opened up the top of Crusher. Wires are spools out everywhere. Plough looks in slight panic from the drone to beneath the dashboard of the helicopter, where a panel has been opened and their wires everywhere. He doesn’t seem to quite know where to start. Ross gets into the co-pilot seat. “Come on Snow Plough…” she has her pistol out, pointing at the crack, out at the imperceptible darkness…

“HAYES, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?” comes a distorted voice through Hayes’ comms.

“Who is that?”


Hayes explains to the mercenary that the Alkarbi seem to have taken some of Chang’s people hostage, and they shot Chang.


The camera cuts to Ryan, right at the south of the eastern building, on the roof, where he was last seen watching the glacier. He makes his way along the roof edge, and looks down at the chaotic mass of figures in the dark, trying to make out who is who.

Dodd and Gerda exit into the snow, only half-dressed and armoured, weapons out, followed by Yeti and Fenris. Gerda decides to hide behind Yeti, who just decides to stand and look threatening, doing little else. Dodd weights up her strategic options, and doesn’t see a whole lot. She switches her eyes to infra-vision, and clearly make out every hostage and Cartel member. The most striking image is that of Arturo; the giant is not human at all, she notices, making out the heat pulse of the plasma reactor inside him. She decides on her target.

The Cartel and their hostages start moving south through the snow, though their going is slow.

Greyjoy keeps moving, nearly reaching a ramp (all the airlocks have little ramps leading to them, as the buildings are built just below ground level to conserve hear), keeping low.

“They’re heading south. Is the ship still functioning?” He radios to Hayes.

“Yeah. Got two big holes in it, I think it’ll still fly. Might slow ’em down though.”

“All right, proceed with the plan.”

“Ah got a plasma charge. Won’t make any noise, and will still make a hole.”

“All right. We don’t have much time.”

Hayes grabs the charge and approaches the armoury wall aligned with Chang’s.

“Deputy Hayes, you better not be doing what I think you are doing!” Sheriff Bull shrieks.

“Sorry, ma’am, but we need to get around them.”

“And then do what? They’re already outside, aren’t they? They’ll hear us coming through the airlock and we won’t be any better!”

The Sarge hearing shouting in the background as he listens in. “Let me guess; she is objecting.”


“Just do it, we don’t have time!”

Hayes approaches the wall.

“Deputy Hayes…”

He presses it onto the wall.

“If you plan to put a hole in the wall… what is that going to do for the heating!”

He starts entering the code.

“If you DARE..” He moves back as the wall disintegrates.

“HOW DARE you listen to that Sergeant, -I- am your superior not h-”

He steps through the wall.

The Sheriff looks to Connor. “Keep an eye on Carl, I’ve got a feeling he might try and ru-”

“For ***** sake Mum!” laments the teen.


The teen complies.

Bull heads after the Deputy, fuming.

Snow Plough has linked some of the wires from Crusher, into the helicopter, and wires from both into the wrist pad of his armour. “Hmmmm… better…” He sits in the pilot’s seat. “No…” He still isn’t happy. “Crusher? We are nearly ready to go. Won’t you prepare some inspiring music, please?”

“Command acknowledged. Scanning for appropriate music- themes: inspirational, flight, helicopters…”

Ross still has the gun Ramirez gave her, pointing it outside, at nothing.

Ryan makes out Carlos amongst the Cartel, as he and the Sarge continue their mocking back and forth. He stares down his sight, waiting.

Gerda stays behind Yeti, using the nine foot hulk as cover, readying her dart rifle. Next to them, Dodd aims at Arturo.

The Cartel continuing moving south, guns trained both on hostages and the shapes in the darkness around them.

The Sergeant reaches the ramp and drops onto it, keeping the pistol sighted to the group of Hostiles.

Hayes and Bull head through the foyer area of the warehouse.

“Jeeves, is the target still there?” Hayes says through comms.

“Affirmative.” The pilot continues to swear, as the platform underneath the ship lifts it up into the air, as it goes out of sight, going to the floor above.

“Gonna need you to ready to fire the rail-gun again.”

“Very good, sir.”

Plough cracks his knuckles. He sits next to Dodd. He looks strangely… calm. And grins.

“Tell me my dear, have you flown before?”

“Just get us out of here, Snow Plough.”

“Very well. Crusher, music please.” He starts the engine. The rotors whirr.

“I wish I could flyyyyyyyyyy awayyyyy….”

“Very good.” The helicopter takes off, over the lip of the mountain peak. And then plunges down the mountainside.

“Arrrrrrrrgggggggggggh!” they both scream. As they plummet down the slope, they hear the now familiar screams of the Razor Ants screamers.


“Donnnnn’t drooopppp us dowwwwwn onnnne of thosssse holllesss…” screams Ross.

“Crusher, different music!” Plough calls out.

The scene in Frost changes, as the deafening screams of the Screamers echo over the glacier.

“****, their coming!” one of the mooks releases a hostage, and tries to run. The others follow suit.

“What are you doing, stay together!” Carlos screams as the tight bubble of men and women suddenly splits apart.

“We need to get inside before they get us!”

“STAY TOGETHER!” Ryan shoots Carlos in the back as his armour seems to take most of the shot. Gerda ducks down, so she is visible between Yeti’s legs. She fires. The dart takes Carlos in the eye… his Red-Eye no less. “ARRGGH *********!” He clamps a hand onto the dart and tears the dart out… along with his eyeball. “You ****ing *****!” The acid released from the dart melts a far larger hole than that of his eye socket. And then freezes. He collapses, very dead.

Yeti looks down at Gerda, in sudden admiration… and perhaps a bit more. She grins.

“Nice work.” He holds out a hand, and the Aug woman clasps onto it.

Arturo and Dodd fires at the same time. He blasts her in the chest. Her armour holds, but steaming blood seeps out of the wound. Her shot is set off-course. It misses the reactor but tears through his right arm. The bullet explodes on impact, flinging the shotgun arm into the snow.

He looks at in shock, and then at Carlos. He transform the other arm to its human appearance and raises it, as the other mooks drop their weapons into the snow and raise their hands.

“What are you doing?” hisses the woman who has been silent up unto this point.

“Carlos is down… and they’re coming… we need to surrender…”

“No… you can’t…” she hisses in protest, but raises her arms regardless.

Then everyone goes silent and looks up at the hundreds of shapes flitting up into the darkness of the mountains. And then, there is a more different sound.

“I beliiiiiiiiieve I can flyyyyyyyy…”

“Better” says Snow Plough, confidence returned to his face. Forms fly into the windscreen but bounce off. Others bounce off the hull.

He looks at Ross and clasps one of her hands. “Where were you born.. oh never mind…”The helicopter thunders down the slope, an avalanche blasting down behind it. He hits an edge… and goes airborne.

“I’m taking you home, my dear.”

The Sheriff and Deputy exit the airlock, seeing the distance screamers, hearing the boom of the avalanche, and see another, larger shape zooming through the air towards the settlement. Bull has her shotgun pointed at the Mendozas as they run for the airlock, along with former hostages.

“Everyone inside! Quickly!”

The camera shows Dodd blinking in disbelief at her chest wound. The Sarge, ramming a stim through the sealant foam his Contact Armour formed around where he was shot, hissing in pain. Yeti and Gerda looking admiringly at each other, Fenris panting happily to both, and then barking at the forms in the air. Ryan looking up from his vantage on the roof. Arturo slinging his broken arm across his back, people scattering around him.

And the helicopter strikes the ground at the south of the settlement. Sliding to a halt, using the struts at the bottom as skis. Ross steps out, hands on her hips. “Honestly, I leave you alone for five minutes…”


Game Notes

  • So there we are, first character death, and also first named Friendly death. The turning point of the campaign… I was being nice up until this point… this was my demonstration of the remorseless nature of this game. If people can kill, Compromise and wound three separate characters, what will the bugs do if they catch the marines off guard?

  • Why did Ramirez get defeated, despite putting up a good fight? He is basically most built for moving stealthily and Powerhouse, but was using Kick-ass, to use Powerhouse twice, which gave me no defence against being shot… giving me enough SL to breach his armour. Carlos then had him in Short Range… meaning he could shoot him with impunity, and as he got hit through the Breach… getting Neutralised was an instant kill, unlike are dear Yeti, who got to fight on and live. Ramirez was built for both melee and avoiding attack, but in close quarters with close quarters gun experts… he was outclassed, uber totals aside.

  • He did some severe damage to both foes, but Carlos was constantly getting hit by things he was Resistant to, coupled with decent Hardass, he took a lot of hits. Arturo just had a high Hardass of stupid… but is very nearly Neutralised…

  • A general demonstration of how brutal combat is… and team work (Ramirez was a Lone Wolf though, so well played.) Also, picking the right Abilities and Ability Type can make all the difference.

  • Why did Chang die twice? The Sergeant has Necroseer… he sees death, and then gets a chance to save someone (he got an extra Ability letting him save Yeti before)… great for him in a medical situation, but wasn’t a good enough shot to oppose pistol expert Carlos, who has Prepared a shot, and outdid him, hitting the Sarge hard enough to throw off his shot.

  • GLORY POINTS! Dramatic editing was used for convenient Jeeves placement… Ramirez spent a Glory Point to get an extra Beat of Abilities to leap onto Carlos, but still got taken down with not a high enough effect to kill Carlos to stop his shooting defence. Snow Plough gained one for turning the helicopter into a remote-controlled snow-mobile drone by connecting it to his Remote Control Drone… who conveniently appeared with another spending of a Glory Point. Things went horribly wrong for the other characters despite best intentions, so no more points were awarded. Fortunately they had a few from previous games as the Story directly continued.

  • Use of cover, stealth and shooting- Carlos went down to Gerda cos he has no idea the shot was coming, and was near dead anyway. No chance. Dodd got shot cos she was out in the open with no cover, dark aside, and Arturo was Prepared as she was. All the Mooks were Prepared too, but because of Carlos’s death, they started Losing It, and I therefore decided they scattered and then surrendered, rather than shoot.

  • Next… The Screamers come to Frost… and the citizens are forced inside with the Cartel that just killed one of them, with the marines responsible for more deaths… everything before now was just warm-up for the horror and madness to come…


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