ILTC Cold Frontier Episode 8

So this is the breakdown of two separate games that had a week break between, all condensed into one episode. (One game started late due to character creation for a new player, so episode is slightly longer than usual due to a full sized second game.)

This episode features both more human vs human action (a particularly frightening set of abilities for the Hostile known as “Knives”), bug vs human out in the partially blinding snow, marine vs Friendly, some great one liners and a new comic relief character and new badass (along with a new player), a near-riot, literally explosive action and some significant deaths.

This is the last Cold Frontier game of the year, and very much comes across that way, without design.


Played characters- (Full House!) Sergeant Greyjoy, Deputy Hayes, Snow Plough, McClusky (new character and player), Dodd, Fa Tzu (new character)

Prominent Friendlies- Max Hannon, Yeti, Dr Mya Ross, Sheriff Bull

Prominent Hostile- Karina (“Knives”)

Also-, Anatoli Demidov, Alyona Demidov, Dr Stapes, Gerda, Darla, survivors from Chang’s warehouse, Connor and Carl Bull

Hostiles- Karina aka Knives, Razor ant screamers

The episode opens with the pay-off from the final moments of the last episode, as the horrific shrieks of the screamers sound in the background and the Sheriff bellows “Everybody inside!”, her pump-action shotgun in hand. The Cartel look towards her and to the weapons on the ground and she screams “Leave them there!”, pointing the gun at them, as they run towards her, whilst the three surviving hostages from Chang’s run the other way, towards the squad.

The Sarge calls for everybody to come to the same building for safety, but the fleeing Cartel members go for the nearest airlock, whilst the warehouse workers head to the marines for safety. There are two men and one woman, all Chinese, all upset and distraught as the woman screams “They killed Chang!” She looks back at Chang’s headless body, chunks of his head already frozen, strewn across the snow.

“We haven’t time for that now, we need to get inside.”

Dodd sways from left to right, looking down at her chest, the plating of her armour seeded with shrapnel. Where Standard human blood would be freezing upon leaving the body, her Iceworlder blood is steaming and streaming down her chest. She looks down at it in stupefaction.

Yeti looks down at her “Sarge, its Dodd! She needs medical attention!”

The Sarge runs over to her, and then looks to the crashed helicopter, where Ross has climbed out, and seems dumbstruck by the events before her. The Sergeant calls to her: “Ross, I need your help here! Everybody, get inside!”

Ross looks into the helicopter to Snow Plough. He is unplugging Crusher from the helicopter. He doesn’t appear to be rushing.

“Come on Snow Plough! They need you out here!”

“I need you to shut up” Snow Plough mumbles, but Ross doesn’t seem to here, running across the snow to help Greyjoy.

Greyjoy checks over Dodd, as Yeti scoops her up into his arms whilst the warehouse workers head for the airlock into Foragers HQ. Greyjoy uses his comms: “Squad: SOUND OFF!”

Yeti just looks down at Greyjoy like he is the biggest idiot in the world.

“Yes, I’m here Sarge”, says Snow Plough, a little too calmly, as if nothing unusual was going on.

“There’s your squad” says Yeti, in a dry tone, dripping with black humour.

“What?” says Snow Plough “What about Ramirez?”

“Don’t worry about that now, Snow Plough, just get out of there. We need to head inside before they get here!”

“Coming, Sarge!” Crusher, uncoupled, comes flying out of the helicopter, following Snow Plough, as he runs for the others. Ross and Greyjoy work together, applying flesh sealant to Dodd’s wounds and jamming in stims and anaesthetics, and then they all head to the airlock into the Foragers.

The Cartel surround Bull and Hayes in the airlock, keeping their guns trained on the former aggressors, who, whilst unarmed, outnumber them. However, not all of the Cartel head into the airlock. Arturo, the big giant, calls to the woman who has been silent, until announcing her disagreement at surrender.

“Karina…” her mouths. The exposed circuitry and wiring where his arm was blown off is no longer sparking. The stump has frozen. And the ice is spreading across his synthetic flesh. “Help… me…”

“You wanted surrender. And your charge is dead” she looks over to Carlos’s dead body. “You chose this fate” she hisses in scorn, as the Dupe collapses in the snow. She then heads into the airlock after the others of her kin. Both airlocks slam shut.

Roll opening credits!

The episode proper opens with Sarge giving a speech to the survivors with him from the remainder of the Foragers (the secretary, Darla, doctors Stapes and Ross and Gerda) and the three warehouse survivors, along with Yeti and Snow Plough, Jeeves and Crusher, the last of his squad. (Dodd is having bed rest, along with Anyu the formerly hypothermic helicopter pilot.)

He assures them that all need to prepared for what is coming, addressing them like marines. He orders them to search the building and arm themselves.

Yeti sneers at Greyjoy. “Can I have my machete back then?”

“Oh, yes.” He hands it over. Yeti grumbles his usual disobedient remarks at the Sergeant as he strides off to help the search for weapons.

Events cut to the HQ of the Ice Miners. Anatoli Demadov, striding up and down the sleeping quarters of the miner, hands behind his back, deep in thought. In the top bunk is a sleeping little girl. Sat on another bed is Max Hannon, the miner/padre, taking a draught from a hip flask. There are two other miners awake, and two asleep. The camera focusses on one of the miners in particular; he looks immensely hungover and only half-awake, a haggard young man with one cybernetic arm.

“So, we here shots fire. We don’t know who shooting at who. Not many who could have gun. There’s the Sheriff… she have all the guns”, Anatoli muses. “Unless…. it the marines. But those idiots been lost in the mountains for days. I doubt they even alive. But why would Sheriff be shooting at people? Any ideas?”

The hungover man says “Whatever you say, boss.”

“I’m asking for help, not sucking up! Suggest something!”

“Maybe somebody should go out and find the Sheriff. See what’s going on.”

“You volunteering, McClusky?” Anatoli says, with a slight grin.

The young man grins back. “Actually, I was figuring we could send Max.”

Max stoppers the hip flask. “Fine, I’ll go with the kid. Could be dangerous, not knowing who is shooting at who. God will watch over me, but doesn’t hurt to have two of us.”

“Think God is watching over a ******* drunk like you, McClusky!” the other awake miner calls.

“Shut your mouth, or I’ll shut it for you!”

“Not very holy of you, padre.

“All right, shut it”, Anatoli says firmly. “It decided. Get out there and find the Sheriff, find out what going on. And be quiet about it, da?”

“Da” says McClusky with a grin, as the two gear up. Max arms gets a laser drill in hand and puts a chainsaw across his back. McClusky has his own chainsaw, an ice drill, a massive pipe and a nail-gun for good measure, as well as wearing an environment suit, where Max relies on thick layers of furs like most Frost citizens. “Let’s go.”

Events cut to Hayes, sat in front of the hole he made from the armoury wall into the warehouse.

He is singing “100 bottles of beer on the wall” in an attempt to keep himself awake, after days of no or little sleep. His body starts to sag and his head tilt forward, as he messes up the count, and starts to drift off to sleep…

Military drums sound. Greyjoy strides forward. “All right squad, present yourselves.”

The camera moves down the line of men and women.

Yeti stands to proper attention, machete across his back, and shows a big kitchen knife he has obtained.

Snow Plough stands with his assault rifle ready… pristine, because he hasn’t used it.

“Snow Plough: good to see you with a weapon in hand, soldier!”

Crushers hovers next to him. “Minigun ammunition capacity: 40%”

Jeeves floats next to the other drone, manipulators out. “Jeeves has… fingers!”

“Very good.” Next is Ross, with Ramirez’s pistol out, silencer connected to it again. She attempts to cock and load it, but looks rather confused at the process.

“Do you need help with that, Doctor?”

“I’m afraid Ramirez only attended me to shoot this once. For myself… I don’t have the faintest.”

The Sarge shows her how to load and use the pistol, before moving on.

Next, the Sarge comes to Gerda, sat cross-legged on the floor, sharpening her claws (as part of her Feral GeneMod enhancement) grins, and then cheekily says “Oh, am I supposed to stand up?” She stands, displaying her dart rifle, and gives a cheeky salute.

Next come the three from the warehouse. The woman has a knife from the kitchen, one of the men has a lead pipe and the other has a frying pan, which he seems to be wielding with great pride.

Dr Stapes has a scalpel in hand.

“Is that all, doctor?” says the Sarge questioningly.

“Oh, I see, so frying pan is fine, but you somehow have a problem with precise incisions?” he says in his usual calm, polite yet derisive manner. Satisfied enough, the Sarge moves on to the end of the line, to Darla, the administrator for the building. She has done her make-up afresh, and is just finishing her nails.

“And where exactly is your weapon?”

“Well, sir, I am, ugh, hardly going to be useful with a, uh, weapon so… uh, I thought I might just hide under the desk?”

McClusky and Max stand in the airlock, as it loudly clunks and whirs. McClusky suddenly starts to look very nervous, until the noises stop. The Ice Miner HQ is behind the Foragers, so their airlock exits on the other side of the building, it’s West wall. The snow is coming down continually now, enough to limit vision to around 50ft ahead. McClusky heads off through the snow to the south, quickly and quietly. He hears and sees nothing of interest but the snow. He reaches the corner of the south of the building, and when all seems clear, Max dashes towards him, and stops against the wall next to him. McClusky then heads around the corner, along the south wall, the south wall of the hangar bay, where he notices a crack running up the concrete wall. He puts his eye against it, and can see the floor appears to be lowered into the underground vehicle bay, and make out smoke.

“Hey Max, look at this!”

And as Max runs towards McClusky, there is a shriek. Something large flits through the snow, behind Max. Max screams as it grabs him by the hood and lifts him into the air. Max swears profusely, loudly, as other creatures approach. McClusky throws his drill, impacting the creature hard enough that it drops Max into the snow. He then flattens against the wall as two of the creatures land in between the two men, two more on the roof, and another near the helicopter wreck. Max lands on his feet and runs towards McClusky. One of the creatures screams, but it only spurs Max onward further. But the three Screamers nearest approach, surrounding him.

Darla starts to squeal as she hears the shrieks outside. The Sarge shuts her down pretty quick with a few choice words and a terse attitude. She goes into the office to hide under the desk. Greyjoy orders for the survivors to start barricading the building, to stop the creatures being able to get inside. He tries to find weak points, but he really has no idea where the creatures might come through, if it all. Snow Plough starts working on repairing Crusher, their best defence, whilst Jeeves starts tugging a sofa by himself. The civilians gather together in the centre of the room in a frightened circle…except for Ross, who calls out the Sergeant.

“What about the others? There are people out there who won’t know what’s going. What about their protection.”

“My priority is the people in this building!”

“Really? I thought you were supposed to be protecting the settlement… not that you’ve done well at that so far.”

Greyjoy gives in and radios Hayes.

Hayes is asleep, jolted awake by Greyjoy’s comm broadcast. In the warehouse, Hayes can’t see a whole lot due to shelves in the way, but he can vaguely make out Bull’s massive figure, trying to order calm among the remaining Cartel members. She doesn’t seem to be doing well at it, using her booming, most aggressive nature to try and get them all to remain seated.

Greyjoy tells Hayes to try and find things to get the building barricaded.

“Ah must be tired, cos it sounds like you just made a good point…”

But before Hayes can act further, it appears that Karina has somehow taken Bull’s shotgun.

“We won’t be left here undefended! Get the weapons!” she hisses at her lackeys.

The four mooks run into Hayes view…

He rolls a concussion grenade. The four are eviscerated. The shelves are blasted apart, and Bull is thrown to the floor. The back of her armour is partially melted and smoking.

“Hayes… I’m going to kill you for that…” she stands to her feet, eyes locked with Karina. “But first…”

“No closer. Or I blow your head off.”

“You don’t know how to use that thing.” Bulls lifts her fists. “And I don’t need a gun.”

Karina tosses the gun to the floor. “Neither do I.”

Hayes looks at his hands in some confusion. He looks at the grenade crater he just made… then to the bits and pieces of the criminals. There are bags under his eyes… he is tired, shaky and traumatised.

He has a flashback of his first days in Frost, meeting the Sheriff, of her giving him advice. Then events cut back.

“Come on Hayes, you can do this. The Sheriff needs your help.” He strides forward.

The camera cuts to the Ice Miner’s quarters. Demidov paces up and down as he hears the screams outside. “Oh god, the bugs are here. I sent Max and McClusky to die. Fa Tzu! I need you get out there and get them back here!” He yells over at a bed, as someone stirs under the covers, mumbling “Fa Tzu!” At which point a Chinese man, similar in appearance to Chang, but taller and skinnier emerges from the bed, completely naked, stretches and grins inanely. He has several cybernetic ports link into his skin; one at the back of his head, two on each limb and three along his back and chest.

“Of course, you need Fa Tzu! I think it is time we step off the hilt, and onto the blade!”

Alyona, Demidov’s little girl, lifts her sheet up and looks at her father asking what is going on, hearing the bug’s screeches outside. She is understandably frightened. He urges her that Tzu is going to make everything all right. Her eyes brighten. “Is the Metal Man going to save us?” he grins “That’s right.

Dodd is awoken by high pitched screams. She lies in a medical bed, plastic curtains pulled around her. She pulls the bed-sheet over her head.

The Sarge stands and watches as the refugees from the warehouse, Ross and Stapes stack up furniture over the door leading into the hangar, which Jeeves organises into a proper barricade, the weak point that Greyjoy has decided upon. Yeti watches the work, swinging blade back and forth. Gerda eyes one of the airlocks, rifle ready.

Snow Plough runs to a corner between two cupboards and in front of a toilet. He crouches down, clutching onto his assault rifle. “Sarge wants me to use my assault rifle, YEAH I’LL USE MY ASSAULT RIFLE!” he mutters mostly to himself.

The Sarge rummages around looking for more weapons, but doesn’t seem to find anyway. He then moves over to the airlock where Gerda is located.

Max stands in the snow, looking between each of the three screamers that circle him. He has a laser drill out and ready, planting into the ground and pointed at him. McClusky stands behind, watching, unnoticed.

Max gives a speech, telling the kid they can’t possibly fight these things. He tells McClusky to run, he says that he has a lot of things to redeem himself for, and he’ll keep the creature’s busy whilst McClusky runs.

The camera zooms in to show McClusky’s face as he thinks: “What would Fa Tzu do?”

He then gets an image of Fa Tzu grinning and saying “Beeeee…aweeeeesomeeee…”

McClusky leaps onto the back of one of the screamers, and starts beating it about the head with a massive pipe. Its wings lift up and McClusky leaps forward, ending up hanging off of its long neck, as it swings left and right, the creature enraged and unable to find its target.Max fires. The camera cuts to the creature’s view, making out Max as a black, indistinct form, but keenly hearing the whine of the laser, as the two fly up into the air, and then crashing on top of Max, pinning him down with their legs, as one set of mandibles tears off his right ear, and a considerable amount of flesh from that side of the face. The other jams its mandibles into Max’s chest, fountaining blood as Max screams in agony. McClusky is swung off of the neck, as the creatures bucks back and forth. McClusky hits Max, rolling him, as more flesh comes away, but is send tumbling under one of the screamer’s legs and out of the other side. He then as all three staring at him.

Bull pulls out her stun baton, charging the end, as electricity crackles.

“That’s just cheating” says Karina.

Bull pushes the baton forwards, but it stops inches before Karina’s skin as she concentrates and her eyes now.

“Who’s cheating!” yells Bull. Karina gestures up, and the stun baton flies up to the ceiling. Karina just grins.

“Fine!” Bull reaches down and picks up the shotgun again. “Just going to have to use this.”

Karina gestures again, and the gun flies out of Bull’s hands, clattering on the ground near to Aressa, who picks up the shotgun. A knife then slides out of her sleeve and into her hand, as she tries to stab Bull in the chest, but the blade bounces off the plating.

“You’re going to need more tricks, bitch” says Bull with a cocky grin.

Hayes moves ahead behind the shelves to the left of Karina, shoving a massive microwave out of the way so he has a clear view but between the shelves, but also cover.

There is a montage of Fa Tzu, as he climbs into his Explorer Suit Mech, still completely and utterly naked, and enjoy himself a little too much as he connects the nerve-link cables with ports emerging from his skin. He has a little wriggle of please as the suit folds close around him.

“Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh!” he says. “Awesome!” He begins playing “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath over the civilian comms.

Dodd hears Iron Man playing. She curls up inside her sheets even more.

Snow Plough remains hiding in the corner, moving Crusher into his line of sight.

Greyjoy hears the continued screeches from outside, and opens the inner doors of the airlock (leaving the outer door closed). Gerda immediately questions what he is doing, and Yeti strides over to see. “I have an idea”, he says simply. Dodd hears this, mutters “****”, and climbs out of bed.

McClusky rolls under the screamers and yells “Come and get me!” Then he runs around the corner, sprinting ahead through the snow.

“**** **** **** ****!” He looks behind as the forms fly after him following him through the snow. As they swoop at him as he continues to swear, swinging his pipe back and forth as he knocks them out of the sky. They fall onto their backs, and he fist pumps the air in triumph. Then the creatures fold up their wings, flex their limbs downwards and immediately right themselves. And there are only two of them. McClusky then continues to swear loudly.

The remaining screamer turns to the horrifically maimed Max, his laser drill lying in the snow.

“Come on, you ****er” he mutters as he takes his chainsaw from his back, and revs it up. “COME ON!” The creature lunges forward.

Hayes open fire at Karina with his machine pistol. As he does so, she lobs a knife at him. He tears through her thick robes with the spray of bullets, as blood starts to seep out. The knife strikes Hayes in between the armour joints between neck and should plating, drawing its own slow dribble of blood.

She glances between him and Bull. “Finally, a challenge.” She then looks back to the other two Mendozas, ‘Aressa’ and the unnamed old man. Aressa is crouched, holding the shotgun. Karina turns back to her foes but calls back to the other woman. “Would you like to help?”

“Since my bodyguard is dead, that leaves you to do the job”, comes the sly response from Aressa.

Fa Tzu strides towards the miner’s quarters. Demidov glares at him; “What the hell are you doing?”

“I… don’t… know?”

“You’re supposed to be outside! Max and McClusky are out there!”


“You need to save them! I didn’t know their were bugs when I sent them out there!”

“There’re bugs? I’m staying here…”

“They have pipes and chainsaws! They don’t stand a chance! You’re in a MECH!”

The Explorer suits have no fire-arms, designed for mining, but Fa has a cutting laser. “Fiiiiiine…” He turns for the airlock.

Dodd runs to go and get her gear on, whilst Snow Plough emerges from the corner he was hiding in and makes his way to the airlock.

Greyjoy can hear McClusky outside. “There’s someone outside…” he smiles “We need to get them inside. We open the second door when its time.” He turns to the civilians, finishing their barricade and decides to make a rousing speech. But hearing the human screams and bug screeches, he falters. The pipe wielding Chinese man from the warehouse notices Greyjoy as he approaches. Greyjoy looks upon the fearful people, and suddenly loses his train of thought… he attempts to rouse the man. “If they come.. um… hit them, and keeping hit them… till they die.”

“I was… going to do that.” The man’s eyebrows raise, and he steps back, holding tighter to the pipe, as if confronted with a crazy man. The others look at him concern too. The Sarge turns back to the airlock, not seeing the even more frightened glances behind him…

Outside McClusky continues to run as the screamers swoop down at him, but he keeps ahead of them and ducks as they swoop down at him. As he runs, he hears the whirr of Max’s chainsaw, but it is drowned out by a super-sonic scream…

Karina shrugs off her heavy set robes. They drop to the floor revealing a petite woman, covered in Cartel tattoos; snaking intertwine across her skin, the tails and mouths wrapping around knives. The attractive image of the woman is lessened by her scowl, the bullet wounds and blood, and the sixteen knives held by mag-pads to her body.

Bull stares slack jawed: “You’re Cartel! God damn it, how did we let a bunch of -Cartel- stay here for days.”

Karina just grins, as each knife lifts from the her body and starts to glide around her in the air.

“Try and kill me now.”

Bull noticeably backs off from the woman.

Carl Bull, the sheriff’s son, appears, watching through the hole in the armoury, but his mum yells at him to get away. The father, Connor, literally has to pull his son away as he enters the room.

Hayes decides to run from behind the shelves, back towards the armoury. As he runs, he throws a concussion grenade.

“Ay carumba!” comes from the old man as he watches the grenade sail towards Karina. Her eyes lock with it. She gestures at it with two fingers. The grenade changes course, following after Hayes. He leaps. The grenade slams into the hole made by the previous grenade. Bull is engulfed by the blast wave. Hayes hits the floor, eyes open, but unmoving, his legs and lower torso caught in the blast.

“Natalie!” Connor screams out. The fate of his wife is not shown, but his tears say enough.

Karina is blasted backwards by the grenade. She lands, skin blacked to a crisp across her limbs, torso and face, yet her long black hair remains unblemished… very dead indeed.

Fa Tzu strides into the airlock at great speed, “Iron Man” blazing out through his speakers. The first door closes behind him.

Dodd continues to gear up.

Snow Plough suddenly charges forward, past the Sarge. “I’ve got this! You wanna see me use my assault rifle! I’ll use my assault rifle!” He crouches down in front of the airlock.

Sarge steps forwards and opens the airlock door.

McClusky hears the explosion. He massively out-paces the screamers and runs into the airlock.

The screamers fly off towards the explosion.


McClusky closes the door behind him.

“Table for one?” Snow Plough says, enjoying himself a little too much.

McClusky heads into the building as he closes the second door behind him, telling them that Demidov sent him to find the Sheriff, and that they need to fine a way to get the Ice Miners to them.

Stapes points out that their HQ is behind where they all are, and that they can reach it through the access doors through the hangar and the garage.

When the Sarge rightly and critically demands to know why Stapes mentioned this before, he reminds the Sergeant that somebody ordered a railgun fired below them in the underground vehicle storage bay, and then he didn’t think that area would be likely safe. Despite the danger, McClusky immediately decides he needs to get the others, and runs over to the barricade and starts pulling it down.

Greyjoy orders Snow Plough to check through Jeeves video footage to see what happened below when Hayes orders the drone to fire the railgun at the Cartel ship.

Faz Tzu steps out into the snow, as his speakers blaze the music out. As seven screamers drop out of the sky and land in front of him in a semicircle. He steps back into the airlock and closes it behind him. The screamers scream in concert… the lights falter and then shatter. The airlock ceases functioning. Tzu starts tearing wires out of the control panel, and manually overrides it sliding the inner open and slamming it shut, as the outer door starts to buckle slightly.

Demidov continues his glare.

“What the hell are you doing? What about Max and McClusky?”

“There were seven! Seven is too many! Seven is not my lucky number!”

“Damn it… they’re gonna get killed out there.” He radios McClusky who responds, that he is safe. “Damn. Max.”

Snow Plough analyses Jeeve’s footage. He watched as Jeeves uses the railgun to fire the first slug, piercing through one side and out the other. He watches as the pilot guns the engines. He watches as the ceiling opens up, and the ship is raised up on a platform into the hangar. He watches as a shell is fired clean through the bottom of the platform, causing it to crash down, bringing the ship with it, which flips over, landing on its top. The engines still active, as the plasma stream blasts into the floor, filling Jeeve’s’s feed with smoke. The drone floats up, job done, and opens the door into the Foragers and closes it behind (whilst nearly everyone was outside, after the fight outside with the Cartel.)

“Uhhhhhhhhh, Sarge… we’ve got a problem!”

“What is it, Private?”

Plough sends the video to the Sarge. The Sarge swears out loud.

“What is it?” demands Stapes.

“We have a problem.”

“What problem? It won’t help you to discuss these things from us.”

“I need to speak to you in your office first. Snow Plough, with me.”

The civilians who are all mere feet away notice this, and it only increases their fright. Just as the door is about to shut Greyjoy looks to Yeti, who is watching over the civilians, who are helping McClusky take down the barricade. “Yeti: keep an eye on things. If anybody tries anything… kill them.”

“Will do, boss.”

Several faces whiten at this exchange. Except the Chinese man with the frying pan. He swings it in a ridiculous, over the top, pretend kung-fu manner. “Just you try it.”

“What the ****?” Ross exclaims to Greyjoy as he slams the door shut.

McClusky tears the last of the barricade down and opens the door… as black smoke pours through. He shuts the door again. “The hell is going on!!?”

“They’re trying to kill us all!” yells of one of the civvies.

“They’re trying to blow us all to hell!”

Yeti raises the blade towards them as they start to panic. “Everybody calm down!”

Ross steps forward. “Oh, for ***** sake Yeti, what are you going to do, stab us?”

“Those’re my orders.”

“How about you use your brain? Clearly the Seregant knew there was a FIRE below us which is why he is HIDING in that damn obvious. He’s keeping things from us, and he’s getting people killed! You aren’t a robot! The one with the robots is hiding in there!” She points at the office. She steps towards Yeti. He points his blade at her.

Then McClusky walks up to Yeti and punches him across the face. Yeti doesn’t even flinch.

“That was a bad idea” says Yeti.

“That wasn’t how I was expecting that to go”, says McClusky, in some genuine surprise.

The screamers continue to shriek outside the airlock of Ice Miner’s HQ. Alyona sticks her head out of the quarters, looking upset by the noise, but Demidov assures her the ‘Metal Man’ will get rid of them. Ha tells the girl to close her eyes, as he climbs out of his mech, showing his male assets to the world. She peeks anyway, screams and runs back to her room. Ha takes out his com-pad. He links into speakers on top of the Meeting Hall, and once again plays “Iron Man”…. but first gives the message “If there is anyone here, you better get the hell out of here!” As the music plays, all the screamers take off.

We cut to show two men driving in a truck across the snow, driving into town from the hydro-electric plant to the North. They hear Black Sabbath.

“What’s going on?”

“Dunno… maybe it’s a party?”

“Can’t be! Still light!”

And then a horde of screamers drop out of the air, striking the windscreen. The driver swears, as the truck does a 360, and rams into an airlock near the bar…

Yeti tries to grab McClusky’s arm with his free hand and attempts to twist him round. McClusky kicks the giant in the balls. Again, he doesn’t flinch. “What the hell are you MADE of?” McClusky kicks the giant’s legs out from under him as he twists the arm and flips him onto the floor on his front. He then climbs onto Yeti and pins him down.

Ross pounds her fist on the door. “Sergeant! Get the **** out here now!” The other civilians have their weapons out and ready.

Sergeant looks to Snow Plough: “Man the drone, Snow Plough.”

“Man the kettle, was that?” he jokes as he commands Crusher to start whirring its minigun and to try and intimidate the two to stop fighting. It doesn’t seem to work, as Ross continues to pound on the door.

Stapes looks to the Sergeant “We’ll talk when your done.” As Snow Plough and the Sergeant exit the office, Stapes goes under the desk.

As the Sergeant exits the office and says “What the hell is the matter?”

Ross responds with “-THE MATTER? You just told Yeti he could KILL us! You were sent here to PROTECT us! Frankly, I think we’d be safer WITHOUT you!” She takes Ramirez’s silenced pistol, and points it at Greyjoy’s faceplate. He takes his pistol and points it at her forehead.

“I think you better put the pistol down, Doctor.”

Ha hears slamming on the airlock outer door.

“Let me in!” says the voice.

“What the **** are you doing man, are you crazy?” Ha responds.

“I can’t open the door! Controls are fried! Let me in!”

“You’re crazy!”

“They’ve gone over to the music! Quick! Before they come back!”

Ha manually opens the outer door, as Max stumbles in. He is covered in the bright blue fluids and dripping flesh. He has his chainsaw out, similarly covered.

“So I killed one. Turns out their blue inside” he says somewhat deliriously.

Ha shuts the airlock door again and walks around Max. “Man… you are ****ing awesome!” and lifts his hand for a high five. Max reciprocates. And collapses.

It is that point that Ha notices Max is missing half of his face and has a massive hole in his chest. The fact he managed to get this far is IMPRESSIVE.

“********** man!” Ha exclaims.

Demidov kneels down to Max.

“Chief, I don’t think I’m gonna… McClusky, did he make it?” Max says.

Demidov nods.

“Knew he would… knew he had it in him… tell him I did it… tell him I…” and his face falls slack to the floor.

Ross and the Sarge rant at each other, neither lowering their pistol from the other.

The krux of Ross’s venom is that the Sarge’s actions have (in her belief, at least) killed nearly all of her Foragers, when he was sent to protect them, and now he is ordering for others to cause problems to be killed. She also believes he may have got Ramirez killed or abandoned him, since Greyjoy is the only one who claims to know what happened to him.

“I liked Ramirez. And you killed him… and now you are trying to kill the rest of us by hiding a god-damned fire below us. Christ! I thought if we were gonna die here, it would be freezing to death, not the other way round.”

“Put it down; we have other enemies to deal with! We need to stand together”

“You’re incredible! One moment, you order for Yeti to kill us, next you say we need to work together! Right now, the enemy is probably distracted by the loud music.”And she looks to the silencer. “And they won’t hear a thing. So maybe I should just deal with one problem now. We might all have a better chance of surviving.”

Greyjoy once again tries to calm her, but can’t get his words out.

“God, you’re pathetic!” She responds. “I bet you can’t even wank by yourself!”

“Course I can’t, cos I’m too busy getting off with your mother!” as he says it, he realises how pathetic he sounds from the expression on his face.

“Hah! You can’t even pull off an insult! Is there ANYTHING you can do competently?”

At this point Dodd has geared up and is chuckling in the background, stood in the doorway of the quarters, watching the scene. Mc Clusky lets go of Yeti and climbs off him.

“Come on Ross, they’re all right really.” He helps Yeti up, and Yeti gives the small but strong man a look of respect. “I lift ice all day”, he gives as an explanation.

“You don’t know them like I do, McClusky” says Ross.

Dodd decides to raise her sniper rifle and point it at the Sergeant.

Greyjoy looks at Snow Plough, behind Ross. “Private. Put a gun to Dr Ross’s head please?”

“But I like Ross!” Snow Plough says. He then controls Jeeves, using the two the support drone to grab each arm, forcing them to drop their pistols and to their knees.

“Fine, have it your way” says Ross.

Yeit scoops up both pistols. “I’ll keep ’em for now, boss. Till things calm down, yeah?”

Greyjoy nods. Yeti keeps one, passing the silenced pistol to McClusky. “You earned it.”

Greyjoy looks to Ross. “I’ll remember this.”

“Sure you will.”

Dodd lowers her rifle and stares at the Sergeant. “Next time, I’ll pull the trigger.”

Ross looks at Dodd in genuine shock and then smiles. Dodd simply smiles. Ross puts her hand out. Dodd shakes it.

“Gerald? Gerald! Oh god…”

The camera cuts to show Natalie Bull’s head… detached, only half of the face left, as Connor looks away from it, stood over Deputy Hayes. Not breathing. Carl gives his father a hug. Whilst the father cries, the son has a steely gaze.

We cut to the crashed truck. The windscreen is shattered and guts and intestines are torn into little pieces as a majority of the screamers fly off into the air. Then the crying of a baby is heard from inside.

Mayor Winkleman looks at the back of the truck crashed through his airlock as he squeezes his wife who holds their bawling baby. As the Mayor speaks, his breath is seen in the quickly freezing air. “Take the baby to our room, now.”



Winkleman goes to his kitchen and starts laying knives and pans on the counter…



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