ILTC Cold Frontier Episode 9

Here is the run-down of the first Cold Frontier episode of 2015


Played characters- Deputy Hayes, Snow Plough, McClusky, Fa Tzu

Prominent Friendlies- Sarge, Yeti, the Tzu family

Prominent Hostile- Razor Ants (Screamers)

Also- Carl Bull, Connor Bull, the Winkleman family, the bar staff

The episode opens with the Sarge, leaning up against a wall, having just been disarmed by Yeti after the gun incident with Dr Ross. His eyes widen in shock as he sees a vision of Hayes, lying motionless on the floor, as Connor Bull, eyes already streaming with tears from the death of his wife, calls “Gerald! Gerald! Wake up!” The Sarge pulls himself to his feet. He then gets another vision of the crashed truck, and the people inside being eaten, and hears the crying of a baby. He flips open his wrist-communicator. “Deputy Bull! This is Sergeant Greyjoy. Hayes has a medikit, you need to use, it quickly. Snap out of it man, he needs you.”

Events cut to the warehouse as Connor kneels down to Haye’s side, but finds that the medikit’s metal case has been warped by the grenade blast. “The medikit won’t open… its been damaged by the blast!”

“Damn it…” curses Greyjoy. He surveys the frightened people in the Forager’s People. “All right people! Your deputy is in Chang’s right now! He might die! We need to go out there and save him.” The people that can look at all at the Sarge look certainly sheepish. “On top of that, your Mayor is in danger too, but there are plenty of Ants out there, I know, but he’s the leader of your town, dammit people. My men can kill those things, ask Dr Ross, but you need to get people in the truck moving! We’re not savages, we’re not going to leave them to die! Who’s with me!” He is greeted by an unwelcoming silence, as most eyes turn away. “Anybody?”

“I’m with you” says McClusky, alone out of the civilians.

“Thank you.” He looks to his two remaining marines. “You two don’t get a choice.”

The three marines, ice miner and two drones make their way across the snow, whilst music continues to blare through the speakers at the north of the right-hand building, causing all ten screamers to cluster around the crashed truck. The four people and the drones get into Chang’s Warehouse without notice.

They see the now burned corpse of Ramirez for the first time, part of a wall collapsed on him, but his one side of visible cybernetic limbs seem to be mostly intact.

They step into what remains of Chang’s warehouse, down with a large part of the floor blasted away, showing the cold ground underneath, where Hayes lies unmoving, whilst the pieces of Bull and the dead Cartel members are scattered about. Greyjoy and McClusky run over to Hayes. Snow Plough, ever paranoid, scans the warehouse for any further dangers. He sees the burned corpse of Karina, worrying that there may be more ‘Alkarbi’ about. He notices where a canister of chemicals has been pierced by the grenade, and quickly takes out his engineering kit, sealing the canister as quickly as he can.

Greyjoy injects Hayes with meds from his own medikit, whilst McClusky slams his fists onto Hayes’ chest and he awakens, eyes shooting open.

Hayes is alive… but as he looks at the bereaved Deputy Bull, and then at the pieces of his boss, whose death he partially caused… he doesn’t look too happy about it.

Opening credits roll.

(The day continues on!)

Whilst Hayes sits in mostly stunned silence, and Connor wipes away his tears and makes himself out of the two, Connor decides that he must now be Sheriff… Hayes looks hardly up for the job, despite Connor’s own awful mental state. Greyjoy makes sure they are aware that their next course must be to get to the Mayor and his family and rescue them. Snow Plough remains in the armoury with Jeeves, sending Crusher with the others as they head through the armoury into the Sheriff’s office, hearing the baby’s cries and the Razor Ant shrieks from the other side of the wall. McClusky decides to use his engineering kit to make a hole through the wall, taking out some vibro-tools, easily capable of piercing their way through.

Snow Plough removes his contact armour, taking some battle armour instead, for its improved protective capabilities. He then takes Jeeves back into the warehouse, where he goes to Ramirez’s corpse and takes his dog-tags, hanging them from Jeeves, along with the tags of their former squad (the call-sign ‘Valkyrie’ is visible on one pair of tags). “Sorry, Ramirez” he says as he disconnects a cybernetic arm and starts attaching it to Jeeves.

Meanwhile, in Ice Miners HQ, Fa Tsu is still using his com-pad to keep an eye on the Razor Ants. He now appears to be playing some kind of relaxation tape that he himself has recorded, speaking in slow and calm and philosophical metaphors. He speaks to Hayes through his comms, who is explaining their attempted rescue of the Mayor’s family, currently in progress and asks if Fa Tsu can be playing loud music elsewhere. Fa switches the ‘music’ to the speakers on the roof of the opposite building, causing all but three of the screamers to fly to the other building. The three already tearing their way through the truck are still intent on going inside the Mayor’s drawn by the baby’s screams; Irene’s attempts to calm her are for nought, as the bugs continue to screech. Their hyper-sonic screams are warping the metal at the back of the truck, showing that the rescuer’s time is running out.

McClusky breaks a hole in the wall connected to the Winkleman’s, large enough to crawl through, calls out to the family and Irene passes the baby through, as the two parents follow after them. The baby, however, is continuing to wail. Greyjoy points out that somebody needs to quieten the baby, as it will attract the bugs. McClusky says with (misguided wisdom) that a little alcohol should knock the baby out, but it seems the two grenades destroyed the alcohol, along with a lot of other warehouse supplies.

The Sarge decides that the bugs need to be destroyed, as they will keep coming. And if nothing else, the bugs will be distracted from chasing the Mayor and his family, whilst they are sent back to the others, whilst the marines are blasting away at the bugs. Snow Plough, with an upgraded Jeeves, suggests blowing up the truck with the Razor Ants in it. The Mayor reminds them all that the bar staff still need rescuing before they go blowing anything up. The Sergeant asks for a volunteer; they’ll need to go through the Mayors, into the meeting hall and then outside through an airlock north of the bugs to get into the accommodation area for the bar staff, and try to get free.

Hayes, rather quickly and surprisingly, volunteers. Yeti volunteers to go with Hayes, since he isn’t exactly in top physical condition. Greyjoy urges them to go, as they don’t have much time, and Snow Plough sends in the drones into the Mayor’s to watch the truck, in case the bugs break through. Snow Plough orders Jeeves to start to release the fuel from the engine as it pools over the floor. Greyjoy and Snow Plough wait in the Sheriff’s office with bated breath, watching the trucks situation through the drone cams, whilst McClusky and a fully armoured Connor Bull take Carl and the Winkleman’s to the airlock of Chang’s, getting ready to run across the snow when the time is right.

The seven razor ants on the north roof of the western building trash and tear out the speakers in their search for the source of the sound. As the sound is massively reduced, Greyjoy asks for music that’s a little more distracting from the eastern speakers. Fa Tsu starts to blare the ‘Ace of Spades.’ Snow Plough order’s Crusher to enter ‘riot control mode’ as Crusher loudly and literally reads the Riot Act of 2425, as the all the screamers are drawn to the truck. Expecting excitement, Fa Tsu climbs into his Mech. McClusky and his group wait anxiously as the maybe continues to cry.

Hayes and Yeti step out into the thick snow. Hayes stumbles and cries out. The call warrants the attention of one screamer… Hayes sees its silhouette flying towards him in the cascading snow.

As Hayes just stares, Yeti bellows “Run!”, which breaks Hayes enough out of his shock to run for the airlock into the bar. He punches the airlock button, waiting for it to cycle and open, as he watches the screamer come for him. Yeti runs forward, draws his machete, and stands in front of Hayes. The screamer lunges at Yeti, tearing off a small chunk of flesh from his right cheek.

Fa Tsu, in his Mech, stomps into the storage cupboard for mining equipment, clearing them out of the way, as he heads for the door ahead of him.

The airlock door opens. Hayes throws himself inside. Yeti follows after, almost falling inside. Hayes punches the button, shutting the door on the bug. It screams. The airlock rattles, lights blinking on and off.

Fa Tsu reaches the wall at the back of the cupboard. With his cutting laser, he inscribes the shape of a large hole.

The second airlock door opens. Hayes and Yeti run inside.

“Anybody there?” Hayes shouts.

“Aye, we’re down here”, a female, scottish accented voice responds from stairs leading underground. “Are ye come to rescue us, or are you comin’ fer shelter?”

Hayes looks down the stairs. Stood there is a red haired, short, broad shouldered, thick-armed and large breasted lady. Hayes look at her, then back at the rattling airlock. “Uhhh…”


Yeti slaps a hand on Hayes shoulder. “I keep down is safer.”

“Wise man” says the landlady, Amelia.

Fa Tsu burns through the wall. He jerks back as the gunshot fires.

“Shit, Fa Tsu!” Dodd calls out, sat in the bunk area of the Foragers, rifle smoking as she lowers it from the hole where she was pointing. “Sorry!” he says, calling loudly through.

“Fa Tsu?” comes a Chinese voice. The three survivors from the warehouse appear at the door.

“Heng Tsu! Niu Tzu! Mei Tzu! What are you doing here?” says Fa, very happily indeed.

Hayes and Yeti run down the stairs into the bar. There is Amelia’s sister, Abigail, who has the same red hair, tied into a long, plaited pony tail running down her back, but is otherwise the opposite in frame, being tall and skinny. There is Berthold, a big, brazen, bearded albino chef, and Fredik, a skinny, pale, spotty youth in his early twenties. They are on the other side of a barricade of tables and chairs at the bottom of the stairs, which Yeti climbs over. Hayes runs into the kitchen, to look for weapons.

Plough watches nervously through the drone cams, as the doors to the back of the truck are warping and about to burst open.

“Sarge, they’re coming through, and the others aren’t back. What do we do it?”

The Sarge squints. “They’re out of time. We need to kill the bugs.” He takes a deep breath. “Blow it.”

Snow Plough orders Jeeves and Crusher back. He then radios Hayes. “Uh, we’re gonna have to blow it!”

Hayes runs out of the kitchen, urging everybody to the back of the bar. “Get clear!”

Crusher then fires, sparking the fuel. The drones fly out of the hole and into the warehouse, as Greyjoy and Snow Plough run. Greyjoy contacts the new Sheriff Bull. “Go, go, go!”

Connor, McClusky and their charges run out into the snow. The baby’s cry seems to be drowned out by the loudly blaring Motorhead music.

The food warehouse airlock opens. Ryan exits and stops, urging out others. The food warehouse staff come running into the snow, as he covers them, urging them towards the Foragers.

All the bar staff, Yeti and Hayes run to the back wall of the bar.

The truck explodes. The bits and pieces of all ten screamers are blasted upwards. The wall into the mayors is blasted open, and the fireball rushes through the Mayor’s office, as the Sarge and Plough leap and just get clear in time into Chang’s.

The ceiling of the north end of the bar is blown out, bringing down burning timbers, but the people inside are clear of it. All the extinguishers activate, immediately putting out the fires.

McClusky and the others get into the Forager’s airlock.

Fa Tsu meanwhile is trashing all the bunks in the Forager’s as he excitedly makes his way to his family.

Greyjoy can’t help but grin at Snow Plough. Hayes radios them to let them know they are alive, and in need of rescue. Jeeves is sent in, using his lifting arms to carry each survivor out of the bar.

As Jeeves hovers down, Abigail says “After all that, I need a shag. Who wants one?”

Yeti says “Okay.”

Hayes gives him a sideways glance.

“What? Its been a long day.”

Hayes shrugs. “Fair enough.”

Hayes and the bar staff are last to arrive in the Forager’s HQ. The food warehouse staff have brought some food, whilst the bar staff and Yeti have carried what booze they could recover.

“I think this calls for a big party!” says Amelia.

As the party rages, Greyjoy remains still armed and armoured. Snow Plough sits with Dr Stapes in a corner, sharing several cups of tea.

There is shaking from one of the storage cupboards where Yeti and Abigail are going at it, drowned mostly by the music and sounds of general cheer.

Dodd sits alone in the wreckage of the bunk room, cleaning her rifle. Hayes sits in his own corner, nursing a bottle of whisky, and giving the occasional awkward look over to the Bulls, certainly not enjoying the party. But everybody else seems to do be doing so. The party is in the Foragers HQ, and since there is now a hole leading into the Ice Miner’s, Irene Winkleman is staying in the Ice Miner’s bunk room, trying to keep her asleep, whilst also watching over the sleeping little girl, Alyona.

The remaining Ice Miners, minus Fa (Anatoli and McClusky, along with the other two, Cara and Dean) are around a table, doing shots. Cara is a tall wiry woman in her mid20s, with long blonde hair and a strong Texan accent. Dean is a little younger and heavily pierced and tattooed. The two seem to be arguing over the historical origin of the name ‘Jager bomb’… so McClusky swoops in and drinks them.

Fa Tsu sits with his brothers, Heng and Niu, and his cousin, Mei. They seem to be having a good time until Fa says ‘Ohhh, where is Chang?” And they are forced to explain his horrid death and who killed him. Anger floods through Fa as he uses his com-pad to check the warehouse cams, and finds the last two of the Cartel, the fake ‘Alkarbi ambassador’ and the old man, hiding in the accommodation area. He decides it time for vengeance, as he climbs into Mech, and leads his family to the airlock.

Seeing this, due to being not remotely involved in the party, Greyjoy goes over to the equally sober Snow Plough, who fobs off Greyjoy’s worries about the Tzus, and says he is off-duty. Greyjoy decides to follow them alone, though by the time he is outside, they have already gone into the warehouse. It is pitch black out, and the snow cascading down, getting heavier and heavier.

Greyjoy makes his way across the snow.

Fa gestures to his cousins to start grabbing some bigger ‘weapons’ as they start searching through the still intact shelves of larger appliances. Mei picks up a bottle of highly corrosive acid, and is silently directed over to the wall on the other side of the bunk-room, where Fa can see the two Cartel through the cameras, aware of their presence, and squatting by the wall.

Fa stomps over to the wall. He gestures to Mei, and she throws the acid at the wall, burning a small hole. He puts his cutting laser against the wall.

“Nobody fucks with my dynasty!” he screams, as the laser burns a hole right through the old man and out of the back of his head, as he collapses. The woman who called herself Aressa draws a pistol from the folds of her skirt, firing repeated shots and obscenities, which don’t go through the hole in the wall. And the laser carries on, going through the back of her head as well.

Fa then looks up as he hears a loud rushing noise from outside.

Feng and Niu look at each other. “What’s that?”

Greyjoy hears the sound too, just as the airlock is opening… he shuts it again, and squats down, hands over his head.

Fa connects to the outside cameras and sees the missile flying down at the building. He can also see the blue flares of plasma thrusters. He watches, powerless, as the roof explodes, and his two remaining brothers disappear in a cloud of debris.

He looks up at the shuttle flying above hole in the roof, the same design as the other Cartel vessel.

Fa screams out in anger. He punches his fist through the hole in the wall, clasps it over the Cartel’s woman’s head and tears it from her shoulders.

He continue to scream as he tosses the head at the ship.

Her face hits the windscreen. The disembodied head slowly slides down the screen, eyes open towards the pilot. He panics, and flies away.

Fa then drops onto his knees. Greyjoy enters the warehouse, slightly admonishing Fa for going off on his own, and the two of them see a bright flash in the sky, and then nothing.

“Chang is avenged” says Fa, bitterly.

Roll end credits!


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