ILTC Missions- The New Squad

And now to introduce the array of fresh, new (and messed up) characters for my new Missions campaign.

Introducing… JURISDICTION SQUAD (and their accompanying documentary crew).

The Player Characters

Lance Corporal Helgreth “Bailiff.” Role- Infantry scout. Skill-set- focussed on shooting and perceptive ability, with a bit of athleticism thrown in. He is good at tracking and can oppose any Hazard with Sentry Duty. He is a specialist with a battle rifle and at defensive fire. He also has a Black Hole Gun… y’know, just in case. Background- a war orphan. Literally raised by the Corps (he even has UCMC tattooed onto his forehead.So far, he seems to be very much the squad joker.

Private Red Thornton “Jury.” Role- Medic. Skill-set- his main thing is Brains, otherwise, he is a bit of a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ (he has scores in 6 of the 8 abilities). He has three different medic based aspects that make him something of an amazing field surgeon. He can also lower psych statuses during an action scene. Plus, he has got a cybernetic leg. Background- he is one of a medical team tasked with trying to stop a flesh-eating virus. The team failed. The virus consumed his entire colony. Red serves as the marine who has ‘seen too much’. His principle weapon is an automatic shotgun. The overly serious type, and understandably so.

Private Achilles “Prosecution.” Role- Close combat specialist. Skill-set- largely based around physical abilities. He is a fully augmented Feral (human with some scorpion-spliced GeneMods) with a small degree of Hellworlder modification. He is particularly skilled at grappling and feats of might, and he can use Powerhouse for all kinds of movement, making him something of a battering ram. He can crush bones with his hands, and also has a significant array of melee weapons. Background- he was captured as a child and illegally GeneModded and forced into pit fights. A rival gang attacked and fighters got free; Achilles enlisted in the Corps. Not too surprisingly, Achilles is focussed very much on a combat mentality and seems to be always looking for action, and is highly competitive.

Sioux “Arbiter”. Role- Psychic Arsenal. Skill-set- she is mainly focussed on being smart and perceptive, with a little bit of sneaking. Most importantly, she is fully fledged in three of the four Sensitive disciplines, and is highly trained. Several of her Sensitive powers are boosted to psychic levels… she has a handler to keep her under control. Sioux will be electrically shocked if any of her actions are deemed dangerous by her handler, or if her handler dies. The only weapons she has are three blades. Background- her family hates psychics. She was removed from them at a young age, and taken and ‘contained’ by the Corps, trained as a weapon, without rank. She doesn’t see herself as anything more than a weapon, and is incredibly quiet and mostly isolated from the rest of her squad.

Annie Hund. Role- Intern/researcher for the documentary screw. Skill-set-another Brains specialist, in this case, she is highly skilled at studying situations and foes to gain advantages and is also a computer specialist. She is also very fast on her feet, and has some Feral augmentation, that is quite subtle. Background- I’ll get back to you on that one! She seems to be mostly ignored, shy and quiet, and yet has also revealed a more confident, physical side.

(There is still one more character to be made/introduced.)

Friendlies- The Squad

Sergeant Hans Hauser “Judge.” Role- squad leader, ranged combat. Skill-set- uses the stand “Sarge” stats that will be in the Classified Materials book, which has decent shooting, close combat and inspirational capabilities, in particular. Background- little is known thus far. He seems to be unusually cheery for a Sarge, yet is also clearly a little unhinged, and maybe not as cheery as he seems. He also seems to have an array of prejudices that he (badly) tries to cover over.

Corporal Dubaku Tinibu “Warden.” Role- specialist sniper/Sioux’s ‘handler.’ Skill-set- so far left unclear beyond the fact she has a railgun with a scope and lock-on system, and a helmet with alternative vision modes that she uses to keep track of Sioux. She is also incredibly tall by both male and female standards. She never leaves Sioux. Background- currently a mystery.

Friendlies- The Documentary Crew

Dirk Keen (aka ‘Space Ross Kemp’, as the players have taken to calling ┬áhim.) Role- war reporter/documentary maker/project leader. Skill-set- he has an acting background, and though he claims to have some experience with guns, it has been implied that he isn’t perhaps quite the ass-kicker he thinks he is. He is covered in synthetic skin plating. Background- in his late teens, he starred in a pro-Corps fictional war film, where the premier was bombed. He survived… barely. His rich family paid for his cybernetic enhancement. He became a war reporter, and now a documentary maker, trying to learn why rebels would choose to end innocent lives to stand against the Corps. Now he wants to know more about what it is really like on the other side of things, for the marines.

Laura Foss. Role- nature documentary maker/explorer/xeno-biologist. Skill-set- she seems confident armed with only just a knife, and is experienced surviving in various hostile environments. She is also an Underworlder, and only four foot high. Background- unknown. She seems to be the continually cheery one in the group.

Joe Worth. Role- camera man/drone operator. Skill-set- the resident sneak and smooth-talker. He has three remote controlled drones that he uses to get a variety of camera shots. Background- an award winning gossip/scandal/celebrity photographer and camera-man. He seems to be the resident sarcastic, arrogant, ass-hole of the group.