UK Games Expo: Demo Rundown

So at the UK Games Expo the weekend before last, I had the privilege of running three (more or less) back to back game demos. This was a great opportunity for me to show the breadth of I Love the Corps in its running styles, despite the very niche genre it sits in. (Its kind of like the vast difference between Alien and Aliens in style, despite their shared universe, backstory and main character.) I had spent a lot of time telling people how the game can be very much tailored to its players by the GM, and with three very different groups and playing styles, I feel the point was proven.

I thought, mostly for fun, and to show the variety, I would break down these games a little from what I can remember. It is also worthy noting that each group played part of the same Story (game scenario), which was an hour to an hour and a half demo of the Story that will be available with ze Quickstart.

Demo 1: I had five players who I decided to showcase a Narrative Scene with. They had to get through a mostly pitch black training simulator to get to their Gear, and this was a good way to showcase various Abilities and Aspects, as well how to use Ability Types, when and where it is best to roll a dice, and how single totals can be used for a multitude of actions. Infra-vision was used to great effect to scout the lay of the land, and there was a lot of leaping and climbing onto walls and taking advantage of the telekinetic’s capabilities to get the marines to their location safely. Cue the effective but slow dragging of a grapple gun to the scout, which made some of the marines get bored waiting, as two when charging across the floor of the chamber…. and one went falling down a pit trap, but managed to grab onto the edge. As they were told to get themselves prepped and ready with gear, and a had warning of incoming Hostiles, I ended the demo there…

Demo 2:… and carried on with the next group of six players, a very rowdy group, who were definitely appropriate to test out an Action Scene with. Quote of the game? “I shoot him in the dick.” And not just single shot… it was full-auto. And *that* was the squad medic. Continue the scenario with a bunch of crazies obsessed with crotch attacks (all male players), charging through hails of gunfire to punch people in the face, a player who chose to run into a wall as the result of a low total and a marine who ran at the enemy, detonated his incendiary grenade in his hand, and then spent the rest of the game on fire. Utter madness… but then it kinda suited.

Demo 3: I have the last group the choice of Narrative or Action scene, and they lumped for Action Scene (the ‘most crunch’ option). For this one, I had three players, and though one player was appropriately psychotic for the character, the other two were of the saner variety, and so we had a much more atmospheric, tense and strategic firefight, which due to timing constraints, ended on an ace cliffhanger.