AprilTTRPGMaker Part One

So there’s a handy meme going around on Twitter and Facebook called TTRPGMaker for game designers such as myself.

April TT RPG Maker

I managed to keep up with the first five days of posting. But then I want off for a convention for three days and was rather too busy for it. I then went on holiday for five days; the only real way for me to take a proper holiday from all my game design duties is to be offline. Then I had another two day con, and got home yesterday, and by the time lots of unpacking and house chores were done, my brain was not in a state for work.

But today, I am back to work. So, I have decided to my responses up till day 17, and then carry on from there daily. I will then recap all the remaining answers in another WordPress blog.

I am keeping answers short, since they are intended for Twitter posting.

The Answers

1. My name is Christopher Dean.

2. I live in the post-apocalyptic terrain of Birmingham, deep within the blasted wilds of the West Midlands, UK.

3. I started creating TTRPGS pretty much the moment I started GMing, at 16. I loved D&D, but wanted better action. So I briefly toyed with my own fantasy dungeon game. Didn’t get far, but set me on the path.

4. Taking a fictional medium and using rules to reflect its feel and style through RP. ILTC is about movie pacing and horror brutality. IIaP is about creating a comic book as you play.

5. Well, I have only published I Love the Corps, which was a passion project. But Is It a Plane!? is proving a hell of a lot easier to make, in being made for publishing, not all bloated.

6. The integral drawing mechanics for Is it a Plane!? allow less expressive players to let drawing and Editor interpreting do the job, free players from maths and allow simultaneous play.

7. My office is my bedroom. It’s supposed to be a reception room, so is spacious enough with a wide window that makes it a pleasant work space. My desk is covered in post-it notes.

8.  Up around 7.30, start work by 8, do about an hour and a half of work, shower, work till midday, hour lunch, sometimes another hour for housework and then work till about 7 in the eve.

9. System ideas can enter my mind just from just a single phrase, but my general aim is to think of a specific stylistic mode of fiction, and to find a way to present that mechanically.

10. Gaming is largely work for me at the mo, I don’t get to play often. I have a one-shot game I made just for fun called Point and Click: Mister Men Noir which is joyously silly.

11. I am Psychic Cactus Games. But I am nothing without friends who volunteer to help at cons, with testing and proofreading. I also work with great freelance artists.

12. I Love the Corps would have never been possible to fund on Kickstarter without years of running games for friends and friends of friends, and expanding to conventions.

13. My writing is quite tongue in cheek even when I am doing dark, which largely comes from love of fiction produced by the likes of Joss Whedon, Warren Ellis and Joss Whedon. I adore Stan Lee.

14. Main plan is to get IIaP funded and published this year and to move on to Game 3. My dream would be to be able to sustain myself on game design, as I am only just starting.

15. Public exposure to my games is important to their development. So much of what is comprised in my current games comes from building the games through play with others.

16. I am the solitary game designer currently. But as said for question 15, there are mechanics and resolutions I would not have without enthusiastic playtesters and proofreaders.

17. I think reviews are the best, as a way for others who don’t know me to get an honest opinion on my games. Alas, I am little lacking in those for ILTC; I hope that IIaP will reach more widely.


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