Is It a Plane!? Kickstarter Approaching…

Psychic Cactus Games is proud to announce that the final stages of preparation are under way for the Is It a Plane!? Kickstarter, scheduled to begin on the 9TH MAY 2018!

IIAP main logo

Is It a Plane!? is the tabletop RPG that replaces dice with pens! You don’t just play a comic book character; create the comic book as you play!

This frenetic RPG uses pens, panels and crudely drawn stick people drawn in limited time for players to indicate to the Editor (Games Master) what to do.

When you only have 1 minute to draw how your character escapes a Missile Bombardment whilst trying to rescue the Panicked Civilians in harm’s way… it gets pretty intense.

IIaP Front Cover

May will be crammed with promo events for the game and the Kickstarter campaign, and one particularly important event at the start of June to finish.

  • 17th May, Online Q&A, hosted by Dan Davenport. This is scheduled for 7.30 Central Daylight Time (US), so will begin at half past midnight on the 18th for me in UK time.

  • 19th May, Is It a Plane!? Launch Party at Geek Retreat, Birmingham, UK. 10am- 7.30pm. Myself and two of my GM playtesters will have several different 3-4 hour games for people to come and play.

  • 1st– 3rd June, UK Games Expo, Birmingham UK. I am running a game of IIaP, but there will also be a Psychic Cactus Games stall, where either I or one of my GM playtesters can tell you more about Is It a Plane!? and give you a game-play demonstration

Strength of Ten

Feel free to take a look at our social media accounts for more information and continual updates.

A website for Psychic Cactus Games is on the way. Meanwhile, feel free to check out the site for our first published game, I Love the Corps.


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