Is It a Plane!?: About Panels

With the IS IT A PLANE!? Kickstarter due to launch on the 9th May, here’s some info on the main part of the game, PANELS. You don’t roll dice to face the comic book threats of the game (Situations), you draw.

Danger Man to the Rescue

Panels have always been a part of playtests, but only for visual flavour. Now they factor into the rules. You have four different options of Panel size, and these Panels have some rules effects. These effects encourage players to try out different sizes of Panel if they play the game, and make the pages you create look even more like a comic book.

The game is all about defeating Situations, which have a Power between 1 and 9; lower a Situation’s Power to zero, and the Situation is dealt with, and you earn a Story Point as reward.
To contest with Situations, your Panels have Power too. There are 3 main Panels, with Power 1, 2 and 3, and a splash panel (which covers an entire Page) with Power 5.
The greater the Power of a Panel, the more that a Situation’s Power may be reduced… or increased.
The Power of a Panel may affect multiple Situations, or even create Situations, depending on how an Editor interprets them.
This rule gives players a gauge of how effective their Panels may be against a Situation before they start drawing, and gives Editors more of an idea of what control they have over existing Situations and help in deciding how effective drawings are.

Bloodskull- targetting

The larger and more powerful Panels players use, the more effective they may be against Situations, though they also risk causing other Situations or making others worse at a higher rate than with lower Power Panels. Secondly, an Issue only has 22 Pages; the more Panels you use, the faster an Issue goes.
Can you defeat all the Situations before the Issue ends on a Cliffhanger?

This will be the first time my two Editors, Joe and Damien, have tried out these new rules, and will also be the first test of new Panel sizes. These sizes are based off of card sizes available from DriveThruRPG that I will be using to print official Is It a Plane!? Panels, if the Kickstarter funds successfully.

IIaP Front Cover
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