Is It a Plane!? Promo Events


I have a few more things on to help promote the Is It a Plane!? Kickstarter over the next few weeks. chatroom Interview

Dan Davenport will be interviewing me about the Is It a Plane!? Kickstarter project

US time: 05/16/2018 7:30 p.m. CDT

UK time: 17/05/2018 00.30 (half past midnight).

Head to the link here to sit in on the chat (and ask questions) if you like.

The chat will be logged and later posted on:


Bamf Podcast Interview, 17th May

On Thursday evening (9-10 UK time) I am being interviewed by Mike Lafferty on the Bamf podcast.

Kickstarter Launch Party, 19th May, Geek Retreat Birmingham, UK, 10am-7pm.

Two of my GM playtesters will be running a cosmic crossover of epic proportions, and I will be on hand to run game demos for people that wander upstairs, as we attempt to take the upper floor of the cafe over.

24 Hour RPG Event, 19th/20th May, Asgard Games, Walsall, UK, 10pm-2am.

I’ll be running a promo game of the Midnight Watch scenario.

UK Games Expo, Birmingham UK, 1st-3rd June

There will be a Psychic Cactus Games stall. When I am not running game slots, I’ll be on the stall (about 50% of the time). There will be the opportunity to try out game-play demos of It Is a Plane!? (which can be easily demonstrated in about 10 minutes). If I am not on the stall, one of my GM playtesters will be.

That’s all for now!

Commander Chris awaaAAAAY!



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