Die By the Sword- Game-Play Example 4


Since the last blog, I have cooked up some draft record sheets for GMs. One is attached below, showing the state of Challenges before Phase 4 of the Scene begins. It should hopefully show how easy it is to keep track of Challenges, Challenge Totals, Obstacles, Opportunity and Opposition. I have also given the Choice Totals and Target Numbers in Phase 4 in order to show how easy those are to record.

This blog ends the Bar Fight with two more Phases.

Bar Fight Example

Phase 4

One of the Mercanaries is still conscious, but there is a mass of punters in between them and the Band of Mercenaries, so they are an Additional Challenge.

Bar Fight and Bar Furniture are Vital Challenges as Ter-Saa and Hoo-Len are surrounded by people surging around them and through them to get at Nesker. The Target Number for both is 3, so both Challenges can be successfully Engaged by getting a Choice Total of 4 and above.

Ter-Saa stands and fights, immediately Triggering the Stay Put Opportunity once again to begin with a Choice of 1. They spend their second and third Berserker Bonus Point of 3 (only boxes 1, 3 and 5 have Limit Adjustments, so they have one Limit Adjustment increase their Exhaustion by 1 to 4) to match the Target Number.

They spend a Focus Point and then their Asset Point for “precision” as they describe concentrating on breaking weapons with their fists. They describe cutting their hands and Adjust Injury by +1.

They Resolve a Choice Total of 5 vs 3, so 2 Success Points. They reduce Bar Furniture from 3 to 1. Due to Opposition, this is 2 lower than Bar Fight 3, so now may give the other players a +2 Bonus on their Choice against the bar fight, as their weapons are getting broken.

Hoo-Len spends a Point of Sneaky and a Point of Focus to dash under the legs of the attackers and under some tables. She Fuels 1 Asset Point for “cowardice.” (Decision: 2.) The GM describes several people turning to go around the tables after her. She spends a Point of Calculating and a Point of Sleight of Hand to trip them up by rapidly snaking out her feet. She increases her Corruption by 2 for employing her own dirty fighting. Now she is fighting back, the GM Triggers the +2 Opposition Bonus. (Decision: 6.)

Hoo-Len Resolves with 3 Success Points. She wants to use them to remove the Bar Fight Challenge (at Total 3, 3 SP will reduce it to 0). Since only their weapons have been broken or they have been tripped, the GM decides that this is inappropriate, so Triggers a Consequence, allowing them to spend the Success Point.

Instead, the GM gives Hoo-Len a temporary Trope of Getting Away with 3 Bonus Points (which they can use later in the Chapter, as well as this Scene). They also get a Victory Point for having a Consequence thrown at them to spend Success Points.

Nesker Burns 2 Points of Look What I Found! to produce some foul smelling chemicals. They Burn a Curse Point for “improve item’s capabilities”. They increase their Corruption from 2 to 4. They them Burn a Point of Eureka to mix it with something slightly explosive (and increase Corruption to the Threshold of 5). They then throw it behind the bulk of the crowd. The player Triggers the Opposition, as Nesker is still behind his shield so the crowd can hardly stop him with their improvised weapons. (Decision: 6)

Nesker’s player describes a spreading cloud of noxious gas, causing the punters to either stop to throw up or to flee and wants to spend 3 Success Points to defeat it. The GM allows it this time.

Every player earns a Victory Point for aiding in the defeat of the Challenge.

Phase 5

The drunken Mercenary is not deterred by the smell. With Hoo-Len the closest, the GM describes pursuing her. He is the only Vital Challenge.

Hoo-Len decides to crawl a chaotic route, leading the drunken merc around the bar (free +1 Bonus from the Drunk Opportunity) to make him trip and fall.

The GM decides to Burn all 3 of her Dangerous Ego Penalty Points. She counters with all 3 Getting Away Points. The Choice Total for this Decision is at 1. This is clearly “cowardice”, so she Fuels 4 Asset Points (and has 5, and can Fuel them no further, and only Burn 1 this Phase).

The GM describes the Mercenary tripping, landing and trying to grab her leg whilst she is under the table.

She spends an Asset Point for “create escape” with her Cursed Belt of Escape and with a thought, the table drops on the merc’s head and increases her Corruption to the Threshold of 4 for employing trickery.

She Resolves there with a Choice Total of 2 and defeats the Challenge with 1 Success Point, using the other to Fuel her Focus by 1, from 7 to 8. With only Bar Furniture as an Additional Challenge, the other Scoundrels are now able to make the Second Wind Choice before the Scene ends there.

Nesker has spent most of their Trope Points so Fuels them all with Second Wind, describing examining the effects of their gas. Ter-Saa describes collapsing and resting. The GM does not approve of them reducing their 2 Injury this way, but allows them to drop Exhaustion from to 3.

Each Scoundrel receives 2 Victory Points for another defeated Challenge and a successfully defeated Scene.

The Scene ends with 4-6 Victory Points earned each and 1-2 Defeat Points for 2 of the 3 Scoundrels. 10 Victory Points and 5 Defeat Points can be each traded for a Character Point in between Chapters to advance your characters statistics.



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